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3 Kicks A Day, That’s The Minimum

In 1985, Charlotte Diamond rocked the genre of children’s music with her smash hit “4 Hugs A Day.”

While the intended meaning of the song is to signify the importance of hugging your family members a minimum of 4 times a day, it is fun to imagine Charlotte Diamond as a sneakerhead singing the praises of wearing a minimum of multiple pairs of kicks in a day.

But first things first I’m the realest and I’m not going to spend all day here fronting and maxing that I am some super sneaker baller.  Note the butchered and mashed up Iggy X Fresh Prince lyrics.

3 Kicks A Day, That’s The Minimum is a special exception.  It represents a vacation day that I get to spend with my little Munchkin Zool.  And on a vacation day, any condition, and any situation can and probably will arise.  And so, certain sneakers need to worn accordingly.

First Pair Of Kicks Of The Day- Air Jordan 1 Royal

Playground action.  That means exposure to rocks, wood chips, sand, and grass.  I need a pair of durable sneakers that look good and are easy to clean.  Enter the playground dragon with some Jordan 1 Royal action.

Second Pair Of Kicks Of The Day- Joshua Vides inspired Sail Jordan 1s.  

Too flashy for work, this pair of kicks screams out fun Dad alert….which is conveniently offset with an afternoon visit to an air conditioned library.  Just playing, my Munchkin loves reading at the library.  The perfect place to wear a pair of white custom 1s is at the library, which is generally free of dirt attracting particles.

Third Pair Of Kicks Of The Day- Jordan 11 Jeter Low.  

This pair of kicks is a risky endeavor for an evening stroll and visit to the ice cream parlour.  But if you are not going to wear your kicks, then what exactly are you going to do with them?

Thankfully, no self induced or Munchkin induced ice cream graced my blue suede Jeter lows.

So that’s a vacay day in the life of Kev Zool, relishing the opportunity to spend time with my Munchkin, and finding an excuse to rock 3 pairs of kicks in one day as a minimum.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool


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  1. ralph ralph

    since ice cream is being discussed, i’ll put the 3 options in the vending machines (at the acquatic center) in order from best to worst:
    1) fudgesicle
    2) ice cream sandwich
    3) revello

    *there is a big drop off after the first 2 imo

    • kev zool kev zool

      Razor sharp memory.

      I’ll go with option 2, then 1.

      After that, I’m not even interested.

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