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3 Non-Hyped Sneakers That Excite The Sneaker Feels

While my sneaker articles may suggest that I’m predominantly swoosh-based, what some readers may find surprising is that I regularly rock adidas, New Balance, Puma, and Karhu.  

Design wise, material wise, and production wise, we are at a great time in our sneaker continuum.  One might argue that we are living in perhaps the most diverse sneaker period of all time. 

Take for example the three non-hyped sneakers featured below.  Each pair is readily available, yet uniquely awesome in its own design aesthetic.  

So without further ado, here are my top three, non-hyped kicks, that elicit the sneakerfeels. 

adidas Superstar X Slam Jam

adidas Superstar X Slam Jam
Image from

This is a premium and clean take on a classic silhouette.  I actually have a DS pair in my closet.  The aged appearance coupled with a plush leather upper and muted perforated three stripes make this pair a real sleeper.  

But to keep it nine five and five pennies, GR adidas kicks don’t usually excite the sneakerfeels.  My preferred three stripes kicks are all collabs. 

New Balance X Haven 990V5

New Balance X Haven 990 V5
All business, no party.
Image from

All business, no party.  Sleek, utilitarian, and sophisticated enough to say I’m a sneakerhead, but don’t require a WWF theme song to introduce my presence. 

This New Balance X Haven collab features the perfect blend of time tested New Balance 990 comfort with subtle flair. 

Reebok X Nanamica Club C Stomper

Reebok X Nanamica Club C Stomper.
Aliens X Bottle Full Of Bub.
Image from

Imagine protagonist Sigourney Weaver from the cult classic movie Alien hitting the club with a bottle of bub after a long day of filming. 

I imagine her wearing a pair of kicks just like this.  

Premium leather used inside and out, a low key subtle flex, and a massive velcro cover carelessly whisper, “I know my kicks, but don’t care if you even notice mine.”

Do any of these non-hyped kicks excite your sneakerfeels?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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    He’s popping tags for sure. With probably more than $20 in his pocket.

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