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40 Year Old Virgin- The Power Of Jays

1989 was a long time ago.  

For my dear buddy Phil, it was the first time he stole a nonchalant glance at the black and red Air Jordan 4.  

A lot has happened since 1989.  

  • Girlfriends have come and gone.  
  • Hairstyles have come and gone. 
  • Honda and BMW cars have come and gone.
  • Old condos have come and gone. 

A lot has happened since 1989.

  • Opportunities to relive the carefree glory days have nearly evaporated. 
  • Groomsmen have been married off.
  • High end homes have been acquired.
  • Corporate jobs have been obtained.

However, some things haven’t changed since 1989.

  • Jokes about childhood pranks are still funny. 
  • A delicious burger (or any delectable slab of meat) still elicits eerily giddy feelings. 
  • Crude humour about flatulence is still moderately funny. 
  • Specifically for my buddy Phil, he still has a lingering childhood want for a pair of black and red Jays with the netting on them.  

Wait a tick tock, you don’t stop stop.  

– Colour Me Badd (borrowing from Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh’s La Di Da Di)

How does a 40 year old, corporately successful friend like Phil, still yearn for a pair of Air Jordans he saw back in 1989?

That’s the power of Jays.  

Jays were, and to some extent, still are a status symbol of popularity, success, and wealth.  

While neither Phil, nor my friends from the golden sneaker era, ever judged each other based on our footwear choices, on-foot sneaker selection has become culturally ingrained into our psyche. 

On a recent trip to Portland, Phil rocked a pair of nondescript black Nike Freerun that looked like this. 

Nondescript Nikes.
What are thoooose?

After an impromptu trip to IndexPDX, Phil the 40-year-old Jordan virgin found his pair.  While not the black and red pair 4s from 1989, this particular pair of Satin 5s met his criteria. 

Phil’s Jordan selection criteria. 

  • Must have netting.
  • Must be black and red.
  • Must be Jordan 4s or 5s.
  • Must be the right price. See said purchase below.  

Peep Phil’s pair of Jordan 5s in the satin finish.  

40-year-old superstar.

Behold the power of Jays.

Better late than never. Right Phil?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. Dwight S. Dwight S.

    Hope Phil waxed his sh!t before slipping those on to pop that cherry?

    • kev zool kev zool

      He had the smoothest feet in town!

  2. ralph zool ralph zool

    nice pickup.

    expecting the accompanying videos of some spin moves and ankle breaking.

    • kev zool kev zool

      It was quite the journey to secure these kicks. A nice pick up indeed.

      He doesn’t play basketball…..shhhh

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