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50 Shades Of 1s- Cyber Monday Edition

The Air Jordan 1 is a timeless classic.  Originally on the feet of a 1985 NBA rookie named Michael Jordan, the AJ 1 has never left the spotlight.

From the hardwood ballers, to hardcore skateboarders, to hardcore street wear aficionados, the Air Jordan 1 continues to evolve and capture the hearts of OG sneakerheads and Hypebeasts alike.  

Re-released seemingly ad nauseam in 2018, the Jordan 1 saw every colour variation of the flavour rainbow ranging from OG colourways, to suede paneling, to a BMX inspired distressed finish, to even a fur trimmed tongue. 

With that being said, not every AJ 1 is created equally.  In modern day sneaker culture, quality of material is near the same level of importance as colourway blocking.

Take for example my latest acquisition, the Cyber Monday AJ 1.  Originally released in 2015, this pair of kicks was originally met with open arms, only to be forgotten as sneaker snobs deemed it to be too readily available, or too plain Jane to be cared about.

This deadstock pair of Cyber Monday 1s is from my sneaker amigo Kurtz.  In terms of leather quality, it is pretty decent. It ranks a tier below Shattered Backboard leather and dwells somewhere along the lines of Metallic Red 1 quality.

50 Shades Of 1s- Cyber Monday Edition

Where the Cyber Monday 1 shines is in the wear spotlight.  The patina and potential for the worn in black leather jacket appeal is amazeballs.  This provides a different shade of hue than originally intended.  In fact, my right shoe looks just about perfect, while my left shoe needs a little more on foot time to catch up.

Family Meeting- Right Toe Tapping To Funky Cold Patina

After only ten wears, my pair of Cyber Monday 1s is breaking in nicely, providing an added reward to me, the wearer, to keep putting in more foot patrol miles into this pair.  

Don’t you just love the different shades and individual qualities of AJ 1s?

50 Shades Of 1s- Peep Those Shadow Laces

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    keep your super holed wasted 1’s because millennials love that distressed look.

    all you need is some hypebeast hoodie and a skin fade or taper.

    • kev zool kev zool

      1s always look good with wear.

      Can’t say the same for some of the hoodies people wear today.

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