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9 Signs You Might Be A Modern Day OG Sneakerhead

Question: What in the world Carmen Sandiego is a modern day OG sneakerhead?

Answer: A modern day OG sneakerhead is a sneaker enthusiast who is reasonably tech savvy whilst still being highly OG opinionated about sneaker culture.

The following conditions below are indicators that you just might be a modern day OG sneakerhead. So without further ado and in no particular order….

1) You reminisce about the time you bought all your favourite re-released Js on sale. You rode the OG hype train solo in the 90s. You also tell this story to every sneakerhead you know.

2) You never looked at the leather quality on your Js as a kid, and now you squeeze the shitake mushroom out of every pair of Js you potentially want to buy.

3) You are well aware of all the latest raffles, but never enter because you feel they are more rigged than Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Riggs!

4) You frequently hit up the sale section on Livestock just to see if the price has gone down on a pair of sneaks you only 80% like.

5) You had a sneaker plug back in the day before the Internet ever invented the term plug. Your sneaker plug was a real friend and you actually hung out together. Your plug also rocked a black Motorola pager.

6) You know the words to Nelly’s Air Force 1s and have (ab)used the term 2 purrs for something non-sneaker related.

7) You have given a pair of your sneakers away for free because it made a friend happy. You have also received a pair of free sneakers from a friend.

8) You snicker at long line ups of people trying to ‘cop’ the latest release and tell stories about how you never lined up for anything. OG Js were always available.

9) You used to believe that paying retail price was a bad thing. Only rich kids and drug dealers paid retail price. Now when you win a raffle to pay full retail price, you’re supposed to be ecstatic. The game done changed.

Stay modern, OG, and of course Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    10) will wear knockoff 4 toro’s just to have them for a short time until they shred.

  2. Joe_Got_Sole Joe_Got_Sole

    Hahahaha, SO “ON POINT”!!!

  3. Joe_Got_Sole Joe_Got_Sole

    Wait? This means I am a “SNEAKER HEAD”? LMAO!!!

    • kev zool kev zool

      You know it Joe. First step is admitting it.

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