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About Solefullylaced

Solefullylaced began as a non-romantic careless whisper between two enthusiastic teachers. Behind a veil of classroom responsibilities, coaching commitments, master degree assignments, and family commitments, the creative process was relegated to a casual conversation during a summer breakfast at a local diner. The conversation soon blossomed into a frenzied yet organized collection of sneaker related thoughts.

Unfortunately, the two teachers behind Solefullylaced have become one as the timeline for pursuing the administrative field has officially begun for one of the teachers.

So while I bid adieu to my sneaker brother, I wish him success with his future endeavors and hope that his collection of Js see some daylight while his new administratively approved Hush Puppies make the rounds.

And so it begins, a new adventure in my life. My name is Kevin Zool and I am an average Joesph with an above average work ethic. I am a dedicated husband, dad, teacher, and a guy who simply cares a little too much about athletic footwear.

Through hard work, awesome experiences, and blessed opportunities, I am here to open a visible air window into the unique footwear based perspective of those who choose to be Solefullylaced.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool