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Adidas Ultra Boost- Still Lit?

If you happen to follow any sneaker Instagram celebrities, you might notice responses that feature the (ab)use of terms such as Lit, Fire, and Fuego. Essentially, this is an IG follower’s way of giving kudos to a sneaker they fancy.  A typical lit/fire/fuego post might feature a picture perfect pair of Yeezys or Kaws 4 Jordans followed by 100s of lit comments often represented by fire emojis.

The use of said terminology brings an E- smile to my face and teleports me back Mirth Mobile style to the celebration of silliness in language from movies such as Wayne’s World. If you’ve (ab)used the terms “We’re not worthy, Excellent!, or Party on Wayne, Party on Garth,”  you’re basically an OG-closet-pre Lit, Fire, and Fuego user.

Anyways, back to the sneaker lecture at hand. Is Adidas Ultra Boost still lit?

I first encountered the Adidas Ultra Boost silhouette roughly two years ago in a classroom setting. I was just getting back into sneakers after a several year hiatus and wasn’t aware of multimedia sneaker sites such as or It was kind of an awesome time re-immersing myself in sneaker culture. I was so Britney Spears sneaker innocent and largely unaffected by sneaker media.

From my observation in the classroom, the Ultra Boost sole looked like squishy styrofoam. As a casual observer, I had no idea about the BASF super technology that developed Boost. As I recall, a student of mine rocked four different pairs that school year. He wasn’t a quote-un-quote hypebeast, but rather a true soccer (football for readers outside of North America) fan. He always rocked Adidas track pants with assorted football player themed jerseys. As a non-follower of football, I’m hypothesizing he was very fond of a player named Pogba.

The thought of trying a pair of Boost soled footwear did enter my mind, but as an old school Jordan and Nike fan, it was never much of a priority. Plus the stretchy sock-like uppers on traditional Ultra Boost never really appealed to me. Two years after my first encounter with my Pogba jersey wearing student and his Ultra Boost sneakers, I finally decided to give Ultra Boost a try. It wasn’t that I was some sort of anti-hypebeast, rather it was that I didn’t find an Ultra Boost silhouette that I liked.

Enter the Adidas Consortium X Concepts Equipment 93/16. Note the dynamic combination of an old school Equipment 93/16 upper paired with a new school Ultra Boost midsole. And yes, I enjoy sporting green coloured khakis.

So is Adidas Ultra Boost still lit? I’m not sure I’m qualified to say what’s lit or not. I’m far too old for the youth to care about my sneaker opinion. And as a sneaker slow poke to adopt new trends, what is lit by my standards may have already fizzled out in somebody else’s sneaker campfire.

However, what I can confidently say is lit, fire, and fuego is the cushioning and support from an Adidas Ultra Boost midsole. The Ultra Boost sole is amazingly comfortable right out of the sneaker box and is arguably this generation’s memory foam mattress for feet. Combined with a nonchalant yet comfortable Equipment 93/16 upper, the Adidas Ultra Boost is a winner, winner, chicken dinner pick up for me.

Stay Solefullylaced, and Party On sneaker comrades with the intensity of ten cities.

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    I often see, “this is straight fire”
    “imma cop me a pair”
    Adidas is cool but these are for hipsters.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Can’t beat the comfort on these bad boys. Adidas hit it out of the park with Boost comfort.

  2. ralph zool ralph zool

    liking the new layout. the font looks friendlier.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Thumbs up.

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