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As Memorable As- Nike Gyakusou Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo

Growing up in arguably the golden age of multimedia has had its fair share of memorable moments including…..

  • Staying up late past my bedtime in matching top and bottom PJ’s to watch Hulk Hogan battle Iron Sheik, but remaining naive enough to not watch GLOW afterwards.
  • Discovering Much Music on channel 29 and putting a face to the music I was hearing on the radio. Shout out to Canada’s own Maestro Fresh Wes.
  • Seeing Kelly Kapowski for the first time.
  • Watching Wayne and Garth recreate Bohemian Rhapsody in the Mirth Mobile. No Way. Way!
  • Stumbling upon the movie Usual Suspects with no spoilers and having the ending unfold right before my eyes.

Interlaced in between these golden age media moments are fond, and mostly on foot memories of the Air Max 1, Jordan 1, 3, and 4.  

Looking back at the sneakers I have owned reflect a specific pattern, harkening back to the days when having a particular sneaker meant something special.  

Vintage vibes. No extra charge for these yellow midsoles.

Each sneaker purchase was meaningful, a right of passage if you will.  Every pair of Air Max 1, Jordan 1, 3, and 4s was worn into the ground with asymmetrical heel wear and blown out mesh/leather.

Wear and tear, an old school badge of honour.

Aside from my current hoop shoes, there are few sneakers that I can legitimately lay claim to wearing out, largely due to having such a large sneaker rotation.

While this might sound like a first world rant, or a first world rip your Hulkamaina tank top in a rage flex, it is far from it.  Rather, it is a realization that having more, doesn’t necessarily mean feeling more happy. 

Take this pair of Nike Gyakusou Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo as an example.

So comfy. Sock game on lock too.

This pair of kicks is everything I thought I wanted.   Super comfortable, stylish, and even an official Undercover collaboration.

However after a quick lace up, I realized that I didn’t need a pair of new age looking runners, despite how comfortable they may be. Size up half a size for casual wear as the toe box has a significant slant.

This sneaker pick up and subsequent release seems to be the latest trend in my hastened acquisitions. The process of rapid fire multimedia releases has desensitized my sneaker morals. This catch and release serves as a reminder to slow down, process, and allow the on feet sneaker memories an opportunity to form.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. kev zool kev zool

    You’ve just doubled the life span of your kicks.

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