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Back In The Day- What The AJ4

When I wax poetic and reminisce about the good old sneaker days, I sometimes wonder if I have created an over romanticized recollection of my yesteryears.

Back in the day, signature sneakers like early model Air Jordans, never sold out; at least not immediately.  

Back in the day, with the accompaniment of your parents, you could actually try on a pair of your most desired kicks in store, much to your parents’ chagrin.

Back in the day, your real friends who worked at sneaker stores could help you snag your favourite pair of kicks at below retail pricing.  You just had to wait a week or so after the release date until the initial non-sale embargo was lifted.  

But… back in the day there was also much less selection.  Sure there were Air Trainers, Air Max, and Reebok Pumps, but rarely did that interfere with the single minded purchase of Jays; the once a year grail purchase.  

So was it better back in the day?  That’s quite a conundrum as there are a myriad of factors that may influence the answer.  

What I do know is that it was a simpler time; a time free from social media influence.  As they say, sneaker ignorance is truly bliss.  The less you know about releases, the less likely you are to fork over your hard earned money. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a Marty McFly type of, back in the day type of flashback. 

I had the opportunity to get an early in hand look at the Jordan 4s in the What The colourway.  The combination of quality leather, selective mash up of OG colourways, and soft OG heel tag fired up the wallet feels.

As the release date rolled around, with no raffle entry required, I knew it was going to be a mass general release.  Can you smelllllll the back in the day sneakerfeels already?

With a massive inventory of stock, and time on my side, I knew there was no immediate rush to purchase my said What The 4 kicks. 

Cue in my buddy Ward, who two days after release date said, “Yo, I got you.  Let me know if you want a pair of What The Jordan 4s for below retail pricing.” 

So, here we are now.  A pair of quality Jordan 4s that I got to see early in hand, didn’t have to enter a raffle for, and paid less than retail pricing only two days after the release date.

Union 1 Laces bring the What The 4s to life.

Peep the Union 1 lace swap also courtesy of my buddy Ward.  This lace swap really ties together the theme of the What The 4s nicely.  It also differentiates my pair from all the pedestrian teenagers who are also likely to rock the same pair. 

What The Union

So back in the day, it was better right?

Well, sometimes it is good to simply acknowledge and celebrate the present. 

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    these days you can get basically anything with a click of a mouse button.

    back in the day, a pair of $80 adidas torsion felt like khaled 3’s.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Blame it on the rain. Got to blame it on something.

      Blame it on a magician. David Blame.

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