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Bespoke AF

Dear Kev Zool,

Thank you for your dedication to sneaker culture.  Your reflective, introspective, and experience based articles bring joy to the global sneaker community.

In acknowledgement of your passion and nostalgic provocations, we would like to invite you to our headquarters to create and design your own signature shoe.


No Sneaker Company Ever

Every sneakerhead I know dreams of designing a pair of custom kicks.  The mere thought of luxurious leathers and technical fabrics, combined in unlikely hued patterns, tantalizes the sneaker feels.

Sadly, the reality is that only a select few will ever get an endorsed collaboration.  The land of collabs is reserved for the culturally relevant icons who bring likes, followers, and subscribers by the digital boat load.

Fret not fellow sneakerheads.  The good news is that the opportunity to create a bespoke one off is right at our virtual cobbler fingertips, beginning with a simple login to

Here is my design criteria when creating on the ID program.

1) Choose a silhouette I want to rock with on the regular.

In this particular case, it is the venerable AF 1.

2) Select materials and colours that simultaneously compliment and contrast at the same time.

The combination of oil grey and university red leather create a fused futuristic and retro archetype.

The British brown leather and sail sole suggest a hint of sophistication, while the forefoot mini swoosh acknowledges that this is a new school creation.

Together, the balanced harmony of complimentary and contrasting leathers create a bespoke AF AF1.  No co-sign or collaboration required.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph ralph

    it’s called british brown leather?
    does it come with a tweed jacket and a jar of grey poupon.
    nice cw. colors are better with adjectives.

    • kev zool kev zool

      It’s all about the colour descriptors.

      No more simple colourways.

      Pair this with an elaborate back story for the sneaker, and you’re set!

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