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Broskis, Cousins, and Sneakers

14,978 kilometres.

That’s the distance between my brother Ralph, my cousin Chris, and I.

Physical distance, work, family and kid commitments prevent Ralph, Chris, and I, from meeting regularly.  At best, we physically connect once a year.  Usually, our connection is made at a family back yard bbq, or a late night gathering for only just a couple of hours.

Thankfully, through the power of the interweb like Ready Player One, we manage to virtually connect on a regular basis.  At random moments throughout the day, and even night, instant messages pop up on my phone.  And usually the topic is somehow connected to sneakers.

Followers of, are fully aware of the family and friendship narrative.  In my opinion, sharing kicks based experiences with family and friends is one of the feel good qualities remaining in sneaker culture.

Without family and friends to share your passion with, sneakers are little more than pricey foot covers to prevent blisters when walking or doing sports.

The snaps below are what my broski Ralph and cousin Chris are wearing on their feet these days.

I spy with my little sneaker eye: check out my brother Ralph’s single foot sneaker shots as he nurses a grade three ankle sprain.  Get well soon Bro!

And check out my cousin Chris’ style stunting jeans.  Keep on rocking in the free world.

My Brother Ralph rocking the AJ 7 Pure Money super beater.  Deadstock and fresh out of the box… year ago.

My Bro Ralph’s Air Jordan Flyknit Elevation.  If Batman were a sneakerhead…..

Brother Ralph’s Kobe 10 Flyknit.  This pair has logged some serious mileage. 

Cousin Chris’ Bred Air Jordan 1s.  Fresh out of the box.

Cousin Chris’ Belair 5s.  In West Philadelphia born and raised…..

Cousin Chris’ Skepta Air Max 97s doing ninja kicks on the kitchen counter or break dancing on the floors of Caesar’s Palace?

Even as grown adults, with busy work and kid responsibilities, Ralph, Chris, and I still connect.  And what’s amazing is that sneakers are a big part of that connection.

Props to my brother Ralph and my cousin Chris for keeping it real within sneaker culture.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph ralph

    first of all, nice belairs.
    secondly, chris clearly hangs out in better locales, as indicated by the nicer flooring.
    larry bird basically played on that wood.
    even though we can’t keep playing like uncle drew, we can rock our kicks in the retirement home yoloing

    • kev zool kev zool

      Yo holmes to Belair!

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