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California Love- Nike React WR ISPA

JVC branded car CD face plate installed- check

Bass turned up, and amp powering 10” trunk mounted sub switched on – check, check

Insert CD- check

Then it hits.

(Insert Talkbox electronic voice) California Looooove

Instinctively, your voice drops an octave lower while you attempt to go bar for bar with Dre.

On beat without hesitation, you rattle off California area codes like you actually know where they are located.

Bumping like it’s a slow jam, you (in)advertently twist your West Coast fingers in the air while throwing it down for Californ-I-A.

Then 20 years later on a Throwback Thursday radio show, it hits you again.

California Love was a really good song.  Not really an original jam like Zapp and Roger’s OG version (which coincidentally borrows its hook from Joe Cocker’s Woman to Woman), but still a really great jam expressive of late 90’s West Coast rap culture.

While rocking to California Love back in ‘96 may have been your thing, my thing, and a lot of people’s thing, it certainly isn’t representative of the politically neutral music you play now with a car seat sized passenger in the back. 

This 20 year plus California Love inspired epiphany is a representation of a condensed timeline of the Nike React WR ISPA sneaker I recently picked up. 

Nike React WR ISPA is a great concept with near perfect execution except for…….

When photos of said React ISPA kicks dropped, it activated the sneaker feels like the 10” subs that once rattled my friend’s California Love playing vehicle. 

However, once in hand and on feet for a quick test fit lace up, it became apparent that this pair of kicks would not be rooming long term with the Solefullylaced collection. 

Left shoe = stock lacing system. Right shoe = testing an alternate lacing system.

While I really enjoy the React cushioning and the non-translucent upper, the asymmetrical lacing system is a deal breaker for my personal taste.  It makes it difficult to provide adequate lock down for a secure and snug fit; a snug fit associated with a car seat driving Dad who rarely puts it down for Californ-I-A anymore.  At least not while anybody is watching.

Keep it rocking and Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool  

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    after i looked up zapp, everything i knew to be true as a youth was shattered.
    moments later as i looked up cocker, it was shattered yet again.
    this is the shattered backboard of articles.

    • kev zool kev zool

      No kidding huh.

      Both ends of the backboard shattered on this one.

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