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Call Me Maybe- AJ 1 Rookie Of The Year

It’s Friday night and the weekend’s here.

I need to unwind, where’s the party, Mr. D.J.

I am ready to call my friends

So we could all get down

Where’s the party, hey Mr D.J.

First of all, shout out if this Zhané jam rocks you all the way back to 1993.

And second of all, shout out to all the sneakerheads out there if it’s Friday night and you’ve got your phone set to stun, waiting for the call.

With the faint hope that she might call you, the volume on your smart phone is maxed out and the vibration setting is turned past jack hammer mode.

Actually correction, make that, he might call you.

As the party is rocking, you don’t seem yourself.  You are a little too preoccupied, periodically and nonchalantly checking your phone a little more than you should.  Even your non-sneakerhead buddies are wondering if you’re up to no good and starting to make trouble in your neighbourhood.

All of a sudden, your Swoosh themed wallpapered phone blares out from its cut out rectangular speaker, while simultaneously doing the vibration dance across the nearby table you’re chilling at.

You have received the call.

Is this Kev?  This is Nike Richmond calling.

Congratulations, you have won the Air Jordan 1 Rookie Of The Year raffle.  Please bring your ID when you pick them up.  We close at 5pm and your sneaker will be re-raffled if you don’t pick them up.  See you tomorrow.

As you hang up your phone, a small smirk begins to form, and the music from the DJ’s speakers reemerges.

This is how we do it

It’s Friday night, and I feel alright

The party is here on the West side

-Montell Jordan

The above scenario is the ideal modern day sneaker weekend, but not reflective of what regularly happens.

Firstly, I am far too old to be partying regularly.  I am also not of the OG mack, or want to-be player demographic.

Secondly, the raffle call rarely happens.  It is less This Is How We Do It and more Call Me Maybe.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    i’m 0 for 0 on raffles
    and 0 for 1 on online attempts
    people still talk to each other on phones these days, huh

    • kev zool kev zool

      Without having to resort to paying resale, using a bot, or having a bro connection, legitimate in store raffles are the last remaining good thing for average Joseph sneakerhead.

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