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Choose Your Own Adventure-A Buyer’s Guide

$215 CAD, or $160 USD for my American readers, is a familiar number to those in the Air Jordan sneaker game.  $215 represents the standard retail pricing for current Jordan 1s.  

For many sneakerheads, securing a semi-limited pair of 1s at retail pricing is considered a W(in).  Conversely, other sneakerheads simply throw back their heads with a mighty guffaw at the amount of money Jordan 1s command.

Shhhhhh.  Don’t tell anybody, but Jordan 1s essentially release the same product in a different colourway every month.  

So how do you appease all sneakerheads?

You don’t. 

You let them choose their own adventure.  

Just like the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the past, the following sneaker scenarios below lead to a different sneaker purchase.

Do you want to give it a go?

Type 1

You are a Jordan 1 fanatic.  You have been around this sneaker rodeo more than a few times and you know that Jordan 1s are your (peanut butter and) jam.  

You have most of the OG colourways and purchase 1s to match your (out)fits and current mood.  You love the low profile feel of 1s and convince yourself they are almost socially acceptable to wear to work.  

If this description is a match with your sneaker persona, proceed to your Type 1 purchase down below. 

Type 2

You are everything a Type 1 Jordan 1 fanatic is with the exception of your frugalness.  Paying retail is for chumps. 

If this description is a match with your sneaker persona, proceed to your Type 2 purchase down below.  

Type 3

You love diversity in sneakers.  You recognize the importance of the AJ1, but you don’t need another pair.  You love classics like the Adidas Stan Smith, but crave something different.  

At $400 CAD, the Raf Simons X Stan Smith in the Micropacer finish is too much of a burden for your pockets.  You wait for an annual sale and pull the trigger when the till reads half off.  

If this description is a match with your sneaker persona, proceed to your Type 3 purchase down below.  

Type 4

You love the lesser known classics.  You really dig how the Air Safari looks on foot and goes unnoticed when compared to the Air Max 1.  

You discover the Atmos inspired colourway and wonder why it hasn’t sold out instantly.  You don’t have to spend a cent as you reach for a gift card that your co-workers have given to you and proceed to your Type 4 purchase down below.  

Type 5

You love high quality and obscure sneakers.  Release dates and Sneakernews don’t apply to your independent sense of sneaker self.  You love reading print media and wonder why Sneaker Freaker is never in stock at your local book boutique. 

At a retail price of $170 CAD or $130 USD, you don’t really bat an eye as you only buy sneakers on a need to purchase basis.  

If this description is a match with your sneaker persona, proceed to your Type 5 purchase down below.  

Type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 purchases are down below.

Type 1 -Nike Air Jordan ROTY 1s

Type 1
A $215 W(in)?

Type 2Nike Air Jordan Hyper Royal 1s

Type 2
I love 1s, just not the $215 ones.

Type 3Raf Simons X Stan Smith

Type 3
Diversity and Designer Style- On sale of course.

Type 4Nike Air Safari

Type 4
Classic Flex- It’s like a jungle sometimes

Type 5Karhu Aria

Type 5
Intentionally different.

Intentionally anti-hype.

As you may have noticed, Choosing Your Own Adventure really depends on your mood and financial sense. Results may vary from day to day, resulting in a diverse collection of kicks that make any IKEA shoe rack proud.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    probably type 2 personality even thought type 1 is the best looking shoe on this list.

    can practically never go wrong with stans cuz you’re my boy slim.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Type 1 taste with a Type 2 wallet.

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