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Diet Sneaker Or Refreshing Alternative? Nike Vandal High Supreme

It’s hard to deny the massive contribution and imprint of the Air Jordan 1 on sneaker culture.  A sneaker that originally released in 1985, has set the golden standard for the archetype of a timeless silhouette.

In fact, thirty three years after its original release, the AJ 1 in OG colourways, continues to be a refreshing flavour and sells out nearly every single time.

But what about the sneakerheads who already have a healthy stable of Jordan 1s at their disposal?

What about the sneakerheads who are tired of having the same “limited” kicks as every other social media poster on the Gram?

What about the sneakerheads who just want to flex their sneaker diversity and show new Hypebeasts what time it really is Mr. Wolf?

Enter the Dragon with the Nike Vandal High Supreme.

The Nike Vandal in its sleek satin finish sizzles the retina (partial Tribe reference), and is one collaboration away from Hulk smashing itself into Hypebeast culture.  Already a bonafide X John Elliot collab, a lot of sneakerheads are simply too preoccupied with Air Jordan 1s, to give the diet Nike Vandal a sip.

Originally released in 1985, the Vandal has OG roots and credentials on its sneaker resume.  It has been immortalized as an official MTV VJ sneaker and on the silver screen in an appearance from the movie Terminator.

So if you haven’t had a sip of the Nike Vandal High Supreme, you should.  This isn’t just your average diet sneaker.  It’s sicker than your average.

Pew Pew Pew- Sneaker Observations

1) Sizing is generous due to the unstructured nature of satin.  True to size is still recommended to accommodate the correct length.  This Vandal is wide footer friendly.

2) Arch support is much more pronounced and more invasive than the Jordan 1.  Not really a major issue, but worth noting.

3) Retail pricing is 40% cheaper than a standard Air Jordan 1.  Sale prices on Vandals are three leaf clover common.

4) The ankle strap does little for support as it’s anchored only through the back heel loop and not guided on the top portion of the ankle.  But, hey that ankle strap sure does look spiffy.

I rarely wear diet sneakers, but when I do, I do so intentionally and savour the refreshing flavour that non-mainstream sneakers have to offer.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph ralph

    i guess the question is why would you want a rigid fire mountain if you could get a lava dome with suspension-ready geometry for just $150 more.

    • kev zool kev zool

      The Nike Vandal is more like the lava dome with suspension while the Air Jordan 1 is like the explosive with suspension.

      Both get the job done, but it depends on budget and how much you really want to stunt.

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