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Don’t Believe The Hype- Fragment Air Trainer 1s

Sneakers, were the start of my last jam.

So here it is again, another def jam.

In 1988, Public Enemy released a controversial and socially conscious song called Don’t Believe The Hype. The song is composed using multi-faceted layers and examines difficult topics such as political, racial, and social injustice.

While there’s simply no way you can justifiably compare Public Enemy’s Don’t Believe The Hype to something as inconsequential as footwear selection, there’s something to be said about Public Enemy’s take away message; to not buy into the hype of media.

Hype however can sell shoes. Hype can get you excited about acquiring a sneaker you normally wouldn’t even be interested in or want to purchase.

As a kid, hype got me excited about Js when Michael Jordan dunked from the free throw line as well as when he won his first of six championships. While I still really like my Js, hype arguably, doesn’t have the same impact on me anymore.

Perhaps it’s the internet generation; super hyped on something one week, and the next week cast aside, like an unsold pile of fidget spinners sitting at the dollar store.

Perhaps it’s that there is less excitement around basketball influencers because ground breaking players like Mike 23 no longer play professionally anymore?

Or perhaps it’s just age? Aging in the sneaker game can sometimes make you a cynical seasoned veteran and a bit more analytical when purchasing sneakers.

Either way, hype has driven the more impressionable sneakerheads to purchase at an unsustainable rate. Every week there is a new release. And every week, there is something we think we need.

But sometimes, when you take away the internet pictures, IG posts, celebrity endorsers, and simply focus on the shoe itself, you come across a gem; a diamond in the rough if you will.

Enter the Fragment Air Trainer 1. At a retail price of $150 USD, it isn’t cheap by any means. But in the overall scheme of general release Js for $160 USD, it almost seems like a no brainer.

Fortunately for myself, the lack of interest from younger sneakerheads has meant an easier acquisition for me and my older sneaker comrades. Most of my OG sneaker friends have owned or currently still own a pair of Air Trainer 1s. Click here to read how I acquired my Fragment Air Trainer 1s.

The Fragment Air Trainer 1 features an iconic Hiroshi Fujiwara collaboration, is draped in soft black leather, has lineage dating back to John McEnroe, and demonstrates the effectiveness of clean and stylish colour blocking. And most importantly, this Air Trainer 1 is super comfortable.

In my humble sneaker opinion (IMHSO), the Fragment Air Trainer 1 is the epitome of what a perfect and classic collaboration should be. But for whatever reason, by the sneaker powers that be, this particular sneaker silhouette manages to elude the grasp of hype’s trending arms.

Sneakerheads, buy what you like. Don’t, don’t, don’t believe the hype.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    Agreed. But I like the high end stuff.
    I saw a guy wearing Lululemon yoga pants. That’s the ultimate in “I don’t care what others think.”

    • kev zool kev zool

      That’s the beauty of not believing the hype. You can rock the high end, low end, or yoga end, it’s whatever makes you happy.

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