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Express Yourself- A DIY Sock Project

Do you know what goes well with fly sneakers?

Fly socks. 

In addition to being a style accessory for your kicks, socks are an outward expression of style. 

The following is a DIY documentation, of how you too, can express yourself.

So go ahead and express yourself like Madonna; pointy cone shaped attire optional.

A Step By Step Guide- Like New Kids On The Block.

1) Purchase a tie-dye kit. I prefer the Tulip kit. Pretty good quality and comes in an easy to use application. Apparently it’s America’s favourite tie-dye. It says so on the box.

Tulip Tie-Dye Kit- Party In The USA.
Photo from Michael’s.

2) Purchase white socks. Preferably something with a high cotton content. I chose Nike Dri-Fit for the price and comfort.

2.5) Rubber bands are optional. Good for creating a definitive line to distinguish your colour combinations OR storing C-notes by the layer, for the true to life players.

Dri-Fit about to get wet.

3) Soak your socks in a bucket of water before applying tie-dye. This allows the tie-dye to travel evenly via capillary action. Not soaking your socks will lead to an uneven application of tie-dye. If you don’t know, now you know.

4) Find some space on your driveway. Add liberal amounts of your tie-dye to your wet socks. Plan ahead and have your preferred tie-dye colours pre-mixed and ready to go. Flip your socks over and repeat the same process. Have specific colourways in mind.

Your neighbours will love the temporary tie-dye on your drive way.

4) Let your tie-dye socks soak over night for maximum colour retention. I stored my socks in pairs using a zip lock bag. Colours may bleed from one sock to the other. This creates a unique effect. If you don’t want colour bleeding, use a separate bag for each individual sock.

5) 24 hours later, take out a hose and rinse your tie-dye socks until no more colour leaches from your socks. Failure to do so will make your delicate whites not so white anymore.

6) Launder your socks in cold water, then place in the dryer. I feel like the heat from the dryer cycle locks in the colour. I have had natural colour fading, but no colour leaching after repeated wears and washes.

7) Voila! Enjoy your new sock colourways or share them with your friends. 6 pairs went to my broski Ralph. Have fun pairing your new socks with your kicks.

Space. The Final Frontier.
When Alien’s Attack. Or have boogers.
Batches I & II. Boomerangs. Any favourite colourways?
Batch II- What’s your favourite colourway?
Mine is the Galaxy pair at the top.
Batches I & II. Express Yourself

Don’t go for second best baby, put yourself to the test.

Express yourself with fly DIY socks.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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      Orders received and updated.

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