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Guilty Pleasure- Jordan Legacy 312

Guilty pleasures in sneaker culture exist and can manifest itself in many ways. 

Here are a few examples that rose to the surface when I surveyed a few fellow sneaker enthusiasts.  

Guilty Pleasure #1

Frequenting the ladies’ side of the sneaker aisle in order to find a better deal on a pair of kicks.

Guilty Pleasure #2

Trying on a pair of fly shoes that fit your feet comfortably, then asking a sneaker employee to switch your pair for a deadstock pair before ringing it up on the till.

Guilty Pleasure #3

Smelling a pair of brand new 1s as a means of quantifying a good quality product.   

Guilty Pleasure #4

Liking, purchasing, and rocking a pair of hybrid sneakers.  

Wait what?  

Insert hands up emoji. 

Guilty as charged for liking, purchasing, and rocking a pair of hybrid sneakers.

Jordan Legacy 312- Sicker than your average (hybrid).

When images of the Jordan Legacy 312 low began to surface in March, I was low key drawn to the hybrid silhouette.  Its late 80’s vibe and clever amalgamation of Jordan 3 tooling, Jordan 1 toe box, and Nike Alpha Force low velcro strap tantalized the Nike sneakerfeels.  

But, but, but it’s a hybrid.

True, but here are a few reasons to consider why the Jordan Legacy 312 low might be worthy of a guilty pleasure pick up. 

Reason #1

The Jordan Legacy 312 is stylistically unique.  It is definitively late 80’s in style and looks to be era correct with a combination of features that blend seamlessly together.  

Reason #2

The toe box quality puts many coveted 1s to shame.  

Insert Homer voice. Hmmm, toe box.

Reason #3

Shawn Kemp could have won a dunk contest in these bad boys.  Just saying.  

Reason #4

Just like the game show, The Price Is Right!  These Legacy 312 lows were scored from a big box store for well below outlet pricing.  

While these guilty pleasure kicks may have no rhythm on the sales charts, they are a proud pick up worthy of copping and rocking on feet. 

Nikes with the strap. Boots with the fur.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    hybrids are like a sandwich, you could put all the ingredients together and it could be sum of all parts.
    or contrastingly the sandwich could be inedible, as in the case of the j’s with the 4 net and the 270 bubble.

    • kev zool kev zool

      This hybrid is a tasty sandwich indeed.

      Period correct elements that come together nicely.

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