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Hey Kev, Which Shoes Should I Get?

In this modern sneakerverse, there are two kinds of people; sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads.  

While there are 50 shades of grey in between two said types of people, any sort of confusion can be rectified by answering three basic questions.  

  1. You have $215 CAD of disposable money to spend.  Obsidian Jordan 1s are available in your size.  Do you purchase these kicks immediately or do you head to Banana Republic to buy a pair of trousers and a button up?
  2. You have 15 minutes of free time before your scheduled Doctor’s appointment.  Do you take out our your mobile phone and read sneaker websites or do you search car forums on how to modify your BMW to extract more horsepower? This is kind of a grey area as you technically could be passionate about kicks and European cars.
  3. It’s casual Friday at your work place.  Do you reach for your (previously) white Stan Smith Adidas or do you stunt in a pair of OG Air Jordan 1s?

Recently, I had the opportunity to hit the open road with my good buddy Nathan.

This is the pair of kicks he wore. No shades of grey here, Nathan relinquished his sneakerhead aspirations shortly after 1989.  

Adidas Stan Smith……. Dead stock (1 year ago).

While we were reminiscing about our carefree childhood years, Nathan shared a story about his first pair of fly kicks.  He fondly recounted owning a pair of black Nike Flight 89s and how he wore them into the ground.  Oddly enough, he never felt the need to purchase them again or delve back into sneaker culture. 

This conversation may have rekindled Nathan’s old spark for kicks.  

Hey Kev, I need some new shoes.

Which shoes should I get?

As we made our rounds to the local coffee shops, eateries, and watering holes, we managed to find Index PDX, located in Old Chinatown Portland. 

Index PDX Portland.
A couple of hours before the big party.
Drinks, ice-cream, and multiple sneaker give aways ensued. All courtesy of Index PDX

Now the easy part. You get to browse the shelves, see what you’re feeling and……

Just like Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma, minus the celebrity status, witty banter, and deep pockets.
See anything you like?

Nathan left Index PDX with these kicks on his feet.

John Elliot X Nike Vandal High

This pair of John Elliot X Nike Vandal High are a subtle collab flex. They also look great dressed up or down, and were scored for well below retail pricing.  

So Kev, do you like my kicks?

Indeed I do.  

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    if i could choose a fashionably conservative guy’s kicks, they would be :
    1) mags
    2) those orange fg
    3) those white ones that look like a sack on a ski boot.
    if you wanna be a fashionista, buy green and orange fg. green left, orange right.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Now the easy part.

      You get to browse the shelves, see what you’re feeling and…..

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