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Incompatible Goals- The Perfect Sneaker

How reflective are you as a sneaker consumer?

How much do you care about sneaker aesthetics?

How much do you care about sneaker performance and comfort?

Is it a compatible goal to own a single pair of kicks that encompasses beauty, performance, and comfort all at once?

In our present sneaker era, it’s easy to make the argument that these goals are simply incompatible.  As consumers, we select which goal means the most to us at any particular moment and make our purchases accordingly.

For example, take a gander at the Air Jordan 1 high OG in the Royal colourway.
The AJ 1 high is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing sneaker silhouette of all time.

Is it high performance and super comfortable?  Not by today’s standards, but it’s passable as an all day sneaker.

Conversely, let’s examine the tech laden Lebron 15 in the Cavs colourway.
Draped in a newly developed Battle knit upper and nestled upon an impact protection based Max Zoom Air cushioning set up, this sneaker delivers the ultimate in support and cushioning.

But try matching the Lebron 15s with a pair of khakis and it’s not necessarily a refined look.  It’s like you are openly declaring a game of basketball against every single co-worker in the office.  Yo boss!, you better D-up.

So what does a perfect sneaker look like then? 

My perfect sneaker recipe involves:

Firstly utilizing the Nike Safari upper captured in this pic, but having it wrap around the entire foot like the Kobe AD NXT 360.  The leather upper would be ultra premium like the material used in the toe box of the latest Air Safari release.
Secondly developing a runner specific Zoom Max Air unit, which rides low to the ground.  It would be covered by a simple white phylon carrier mated to a slightly exposed carbon fiber spring plate like the Air Jordan 11.

Is the perfect sneaker a combination of incompatible sneaker traits?  My interpretation of an all encompassing sneaker, the perfect sneaker if you will, is a recipe waiting to be created.  My definition, my definition, my definition is this.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    for all-around purposes, the tech has to be there.
    ankles can shatter into a thousand pieces from a crooked sidewalk.

    • kev zool kev zool

      I feel like sneakers are becoming highly specialized and too purpose specific.

      Bring back the do it all cross trainer type, like the Air Trainer 1, but update it with the latest tech.

      I’m about the old school aesthetic with new school tech.

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