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Ladies Love Cool Jays- Shadow 1s

It is a great time to be a sneakerhead.

Every week, something exciting releases.  From fashion forward and tech laden Nike Element React 87s, to the re-releasing of OG favourites, it is a great time to be a sneakerhead.

With all of this interest and exponential growth in a multi billion dollar sneaker industry, simply obtaining said exciting releases can be a gong show, especially for larger sized bipeds, typically associated with being a fella.

The sneaker copping circus requires you to perform a full gamut of social media induced acts including following Store X, liking 5 posts, adding #hashtags, and tagging 3 friends for a less than favourable chance of paying full retail for a pair of kicks.

When sneaker copping, Sneaker Zoolander said it best, “Maury, I’m not a gymnast.”


But it is still a great time to be a sneakerhead right?

With the plethora of sneaker options available today, yes it is still a great time to be a sneakerhead, but it is an even greater time to have youth sized feet.

While male sneakerheads are fighting tooth and nail for the latest limited release, at times paying resale prices to keep sneaker dreams alive, many female sneakerheads have the opportunity to enjoy the sneaker purchasing process; much like the OG days of yester yore.

Take for example Munchkin and Mrs. Zool’s latest sneaker acquisition.

This matching pair of Air Jordan 1s in the Shadow colourway was purchased months after the initial release, and for well below retail value.

Sadly, and unsurprisingly, larger sizes of the AJ1 Shadows were not available.

Both Munchkin and Mrs. Zool love their kicks.  With less demand for smaller sizes, it is a great time for ladies to love cool Js.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. Ralph Zool Ralph Zool

    Nice cw.
    trifecta would have been brilliant

    • kev zool kev zool

      Alas it was not to be.

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