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Last Friday Night- Undoing Custom AJ 1s

Last Friday night

Yeah we danced on table tops

And we took too many shots

Think we kissed but I forgot

Sneaker Katy

Last Friday night nothing of that nature happened. At least, not that I remember. These days, Friday nights rarely consist of anything too wild, unless you count going out with a few buddies and feeling obnoxiously sleepy by about 10PM.

In my yesteryears, I had a couple of particularly memorable Friday nights that upon reflection, I prefer to leave in the past.  

Not so many Friday’s ago, I linked up with Sneaker Principal Graham Singer to create a custom pair of cartoon Air Jordan 1s. Inspiration via Joshua Vides.

The journey was an invigorating first time custom experience. This was the end result.

Full commitment- No middle of the road.

However, after wearing my pair of custom cartoon AJ 1s a couple of times, it brought me back to a few of those slightly regrettable yesteryear Friday nights. 

Much like my cartoon Vides’ inspired 1s, reminiscent of a great time and unique memories, some yesteryear Friday nights are meant to be left in the past.  

Like Walter White from Breaking Bad, I cooked with Mrs. Zool’s nail polish remover, scrubbed with cotton balls and q-tips, and undid the metaphorical mistakes of sneaker’s past.

Cooking like Walter White.

This was the end result.

What happened Last Friday Night? I think I made a custom, but I forgot.

As you can see, a partial trail of Friday night-esque adventure still remains creating an all encompassing blend of the past and present.

Last Friday Night- Acknowledging the past, embracing the present.

Stay Solefullylaced, especially on Friday nights.

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    it looks better after the nail polish application.
    but since you already committed to custom, press the reset button and try again.
    some artist should be able to draw something on it. ask scottie!

    • kev zool kev zool

      The Vides’ cartoon custom is stylish, but obnoxious after a few wears.

      The removal of the special shoe paint created an almost new custom. Very Ghost In The Shell-esque.

      Where are you Scottie Flu Game 12s?

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