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Likelihood – Karhu Aria

These days, the likelihood of finding an amazing sneaker on a random family trip is Fat Boy, Slim to none.  And right about now, the immediacy of Internet purchasing culture means that hot releases are an instantaneous sell out.

Any potential gems like the Supreme Air Force 1s and Fragment Air Trainers I found a couple of years ago in Portland seem like ghosts from sneaker’s past.

This family trip however, has a happy sneaker ending.

After a visit to the Children’s Museum in Everett Washington, I nonchalantly suggested plugging in the GPS address to Likelihood, a sneaker shop located in nearby Seattle.

Battling downtown traffic on a sweaty August day, my family and I managed to make record time……for the slowest commute to a sneaker shop.

Upon entering Likelihood, my family and I were enthusiastically welcomed by Daniel Carlson, co-founder of Likelihood.

If you’ve never been to Likelihood, you should.  The lay out and architectural design is amazing.  It has a clean, open concept featuring a sneaker stairway to heaven, and an intriguing neon lit sign that reads, “I called shotgun infinity when I was twelve.”

While the architectural design is something to behold, I was there for the sneakers.  Here are 5 reasons why I really like Likelihood.

1). The customer service is the best bar none.  The staff are not the pushy kind looking to make a sale, but are genuinely friendly to every customer.  That’s something you rarely see in any retail industry.

2). Likelihood is super accommodating.  With my daughter sitting on my lap, I surfed using the shop computer to look for sale items to try on.  Daniel said, “Make a list on this piece of paper of the sneakers you want, and I will bring them out for you to try.”

3). They really know their customers on a personal level.  I saw a lot of smiles, laughs, and joy when customers completed a fun scavenger hunt and picked up their Travis Scott AF 1s.

4). Prices are reasonable, especially their sale section.

5). They carry fly sneakers that not everybody knows about including this pair of Karhu Aria kicks that I picked up.

Peep the on foot pics of my Karhu Aria sneakers. 

Oh yeah, and back to the sneaker lecture at hand regarding my Karhu Aria sneakers.  Here are some nitty gritty Pew Pew Pew- Intimate Sneaker Observations.

1). Sizing wise, the Karhu Aria fits like an OG Air Max 1.  For me, I wear size 9 for most of my Js, but feel 9.5 fits me better for OG Air Max 1.  Size 9.5 is a perfect personal fit for the Karhu Aria.

2). Random Karhu fact: other Karhu silhouettes like the Synchron fit a full size larger than your standard Nike size.

3). Comfort wise, the Karhu Aria has a midfoot inner bootie reminiscent of the Asics Gel Lyte V.  The toe box is roomy and wide footer friendly.  Midsole wise, the Karhu Aria feels like a cross between a Puma Blaze of Glory and OG Air Max 1.  So, pretty comfy out of the box with minimal to no break in time.

4). Materials wise, for a general release, the short haired suede is pretty good quality.  Build quality is solid with no visible glue stains, and the uppers feature tidy stitching.

5). Karhu is a Finnish sports company that has a lengthy history in the sneaker game dating back to 1916.  And not that it really matters, but apparently Kanye used to wear Karhu.

Shout out to Likelihood who greatly improved the likelihood of me finding fly kicks on a random family trip.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool


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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    did we at some point have karhu cross country ski boots?

    • kev zool kev zool

      Yes, I believe we did. 2 purrs.

  2. Thank you for the write up, Kev!
    It was wonderful to have you and your family in the shop!
    So happy you love the Karhu’s. This is a brand that people are starting to love!
    Hope to see you soon and stay in touch! Daniel

    • kev zool kev zool

      You’re welcome Daniel!

      I hope to visit again soon.

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