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LL Cool Jays

Of the handful of female sneakerheads that I know, none of them have qualms purchasing a pair of male specific, or even a pair of grade school specific kicks.

Conversely, how many male sneakerheads can openly admit to coveting a sneaker designed and marketed specifically for females? Take note of the Jordan 1 high zip in this buttery smooth black leather composition.

Shout out to Head Coach Rod at Nike Richmond for the sneaker assistance and introspective sneaker conversation. Look for exciting new sneaker releases dropping soon at the Richmond Nike location.

Sorry to say fellas, but this female specific interpretation of the Jordan 1 is the most intriguing and well designed remix of the iconic Jordan 1 in a very long time. If this sneaker was perceived as limited, and/or a collaboration with a relevant designer, it would be an instant sell out.

On a side note, I went up half a size to accommodate the snugness of the midfoot zipper and it feels perfect width and length wise. So in terms of sizing, size 9 mens to size 9.5 mens = size 11 womens.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the flyest Jordan 1 of them all? Why you of course Jordan 1 high zip in your beautifully understated, Cyber Monday-esque, and delicately soft leather complexion.

So props to Jordan brand for executing this high end couture zip design, because in addition to the fellas, Ladies Love Cool Jays.

It may not sell out due to its female specific marketing, but to all the guys out there with size 9.5 feet or smaller, here is your chance to own something amazingly stylish without battling bots or Hypebeasts.

Like LL, I’ll catch you around the way with this pair of Jordan 1 high zip on my feet.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    firstly, unequivocally the best title of a post ever!
    secondly, who cares if they’re ladies shoes.

    • kev zool kev zool

      firstly, thanks!
      secondly, my thoughts exactly.

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