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Make Collabs Great Again- LeBron X John Elliot Icon

In our modern sneakerverse, the term “collaboration” gets thrown around a little too casually.  

Some swoosh based collabs are little more than a subtle colour change.  

Some swoosh based collabs are considered mind blaaasting if they reverse the placement of a swoosh. 

While this may sound like salty banter from a recipient of Travis Scott based L’s, it isn’t because true collaborations should offer something new and innovative. 

Take for example the LeBron X John Elliot Icon collaboration. 

This collaboration is sicker than your average.
If you don’t know, now you know.

Based off of the Nike LeBron 8 tooling, John Elliot goes far beyond splashing a new hue.  And yes, that’s shots fired at other so-called collaborations with a colour swap and name co-sign.  

John Elliot creates an entirely new upper that successfully melds two seemingly incompatible realms; one part hardcore basketball origin and the other part fashion forward runway sneaker.

Hoop shoes for the catwalk.
I do my little turn on the catwalk.

In terms of fit, I’d recommend going true to size.  Perhaps a half size up if you have wide feet as the upper is made from a non-stretchable synthetic.  

Blue Steel X LaTigre X Ferrari X Magnum.
Not just one look.

Like a David Bowie judged Zoolander walk off, here is a Fast And Furious rundown of the pros and cons of the LeBron X John Elliot Icon.  


  1. Blue Steel appearance.  Basketball DNA paired perfectly with a fashion inspired translucent upper. 
  2. Very comfortable midsole.  Full-length air makes you wonder why some say Boost is Life. 
  3. Jessie J Price Tag at the retail level, but much lower purchase price when checking out. 
  4. Perfect shoe for flexing your sock game. 
  5. Surprisingly breathable upper. 
  6. Icon status, yet readily available if you know where to look. 
  7. Sick colourways. Both black and beige colourways tickle the sneaker feels. 
  8. Unique creation in a world of rehashed Jays. 
  9. If you ever need a pair of hoop shoes for Fashion Week, this might be the pair. Chilling with Ed Sheeran and the beautiful people front row at the fashion show.


  1. Not going to try, and unless you are PJ Tucker, this pair of kicks probably doesn’t have a supportive enough upper to hoop in. 
  2. The translucent tongue does not offer much padding.  The second and third lace eyelets from the top need to be worn a bit loosely in order to avoid a pressure point on the bridge of the ankle. 
  3. Jessie J Price Tag at retail. 
  4. Need to wear decent socks or you will feel exposed. 
  5. Feet may feel cold as a winter shoe. 
  6. Over availability probably hurt sales. Too available = no- hype.   
  7. Not-so-sick-colourways. Pink reminds me of a Pepto-Bismal infused Pink Panther. 
  8. Sometimes being too unique can be ostracizing.  Not everyone wants to stand out. 
  9. Keep it real. You are not receiving an invite to Fashion Week. That’s not who we are.

LeBron X John Elliot Icon…….. Making collabs great again!

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    man i didn’t even know these were a collab.
    very stock.
    quick, who will the the first to insta sockless.

    • kev zool kev zool

      It’s a subtle flex.

      Sock game or sans socks. That’s the only way to Rick roll.

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