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My First Purr Of Nike Air- Air Trainer III

My Sega genesis into the world of wearing Air Jordans began in 1990, with the purchase of my purple and green Jordan 5s.

In The Fresh Prince Of Belair colourway, I was just like Will from the ankles down.  Unfortunately, and stylistically, I was more in line with Carlton from the ankles up. 

But before the AJ5, there was a prequel; a story behind the story of how my life got flipped turned upside down with my first purr of Nike Air.  

It was a Friday evening and my family was finishing an inauthentic, yet delectable Vietnamese noodle meal prepared by a Chinese run restaurant.  The noodle establishment was actually pretty decent and served a version of Vietnamese ‘style’ pho.  

After the conclusion of our meal, and as part of the Zool Friday family tradition, we proceeded to enter our Nissan minivan and travel to the now defunct Blockbuster video store for some VHS video tape action.  

While still in the noodle house parking lot, and prior to boarding our trusty sliding door vehicle, I managed to persuade my parents to go into a sporting good store conveniently called Sports Experts. 

As I perused the assorted aisles of bicycles, gym equipment, and sneakers that were well beyond my budget, a pair of Nike Air Trainer 3s in a white and grey colourway caught my eye.  

This pair of Air Trainer 3s was different from the other sneakers proudly on display.  It was located on a metal wire framed rack, had no shoe box, and had its purchased fate seemingly bound together using only a clear plastic zip tie to interlock the opposing shoe laces.  

Apparently Bo knows deals because my Mom actually agreed to buy this pair of Nike Air Trainer 3s for me.

Thirty years later, I’m back in a pair of Air Trainer 3s. 

How’s that for the power of nostalgia?

Nike Air Trainer 3- Medicine Ball Colourway.
Bad Medicine is what I need.

Here are some on foot observations.

On Foot Observations Below
  1. The leather material is pretty soft.  Much better than a standard pair of Jordan 1s.
  2. The forefoot strap is very constricting for the first few wears unless you have narrow feet.  Comfort starts to appear after the 4th wear. 
  3. Half size up is recommended for medium to wide footers.
  4. Foot lock down is pretty good.
  5. Cushioning is a bit dated.  Pretty firm, but that’s my preference over current squishy foam technology.
  6. These kicks look wiggety wiggety wiggety wack with a pair of khakis. My inner Carlton doesn’t mind at all.

While the Air Jordan 5 will always be my first pair of Jays, the Air Trainer 3 will always be my OG foray into the visible world of air; my first purr of Nike Air.   

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    sports experts sounds familiar but can’t picture it.

    guess i’ll search that up now while i decide between a huffy and an extreme.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Sports Experts aka Collegiate Sports.

      This is digging way back into the memory vault.

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