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My Top 5 Sneaker Experiences Of 2018

As aptly illustrated in the article banner above, 2018 was a fast and furious hadoken of sneaker releases. This is a recap of my top five sneaker experiences of 2018.

1-The return of the Mack AJ3 black cement.  

Two Foot Take Off- Parking Lot Edition

This highly anticipated re-release went straight to feet.  In its OG colourway, it is one of the most iconic sneakers of all time.  It represents a successful blend of technology, hoop performance, and lifestyle crossover appeal.  This is the GOAT sneaker to do it all.  All other sneakers are still playing catch up thirty years later.  Long live 1988.

2-Rocking my Federer X AJ 3 collaboration.  

Not Bad For A Tennis Sneak Eh?

Even though most OG sneakerheads want enough stock for all, there is Something About Mary when you rock a pair that few others have.  In terms of an on foot appearance, I have only seen one other person aside from myself sport a pair of Federer X AJ3s.  Snooty, I know.  

3- Discovering new old silhouettes in the Karhu Aria. 

All Karhu, All Sneaker- No Collaboration Required

Documented in my impromptu trip to Likelihood, in Seattle Washington, the Karhu Aria represents the rediscovery of an old school classic. The Karhu Aria is pretty comfortable, simple, and retro.  It reinforces the notion that a good quality sneaker can exist without hype or a famous co-signed endorsement.   

4- Availability of Yeezys at the retail level.  

Yeezys For All In 2018

2018 saw Kanye’s promise of Yeezys for all come true.  With this promise, resale value for Yeezys plummeted, leaving stock for all who really wanted a pair.  Enter the Yeezy Boost 700.  Complete with its Dad shoe silhouette, and low key suede flex, this pair of stylish kicks is officially available for all sneakerheads at the retail level.  

5- 1s Blitz.  

Broken Sneaker Vows Like Ignacio and Incarnation

Despite a quasi attempt to adhere to my 2018 sneaker pick up quota, a December flurry of three pick ups in two weeks broke my vow like Ignacio (AKA Nacho) and Incarnation in the movie Nacho Libre.  See if you can peep what’s inside the mini tower of 1s.

Did you get hit by the 2018 hadoken of sneaker releases?

2018 Sneaker Hadoken- You Win!

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    the 2018 concord 45 experience.
    1/4 heartedly waited for notification from the app.
    this shoe has been counterfeited for years already here.
    and in an attempt to thwart those pesky counterfeiters, nike made 1.3 million pairs of 45 concords.
    all sold out so that was a success.

    • kev zool kev zool

      The 2018 Concord 11s definitely made the list for a lot of sneakerheads this year.

      But the hightop 11s just don’t initiate the sneakerfeels for me.

      I’m all about the 11 lows.

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