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Nike AJ1 X SB Collaboration – But I Don’t Skateboard

Full disclosure; I don’t skateboard. 

The extent of my skateboarding skill involves using my childhood friend’s lawn to do a department store skateboard kick flip.  

I have however been involved in racing BMX, 4 cross, as well as freeride mountain biking.  On many occasions, I have ridden my freeride mountain bike downhill at Whistler Bike Park using my Air Jordan 1s in the Royal colourway.  

My pair of Royal 1s is so beat from mountain biking.
But I don’t skateboard.

This sneaker wearing journey leads me to this particular Nike Air Jordan 1 X SB collaboration; a sneaker whose original genesis did not originally include skateboarding.

Light Bone AJ 1 X SB on the rocks.
Shaken, not stirred.

In a casual conversation with Miles Wishlow, owner of local street wear and sneaker shop The Cornerstore, he mentioned that the Air Jordan 1 inadvertently crossed over into the realm of skateboarding when some members of the Bones Brigade skate team began wearing the Air Jordan 1.

Miles- Walking sneaker encyclopedia.
Checking out two pairs of matching his and her Royal 1s.

The early mass production of Air Jordan 1s made supply readily available, and eventually for well below retail pricing. The combination of a durable leather upper and a strong low profile rubber cupsole made the AJ 1 a perfect low budget skate shoe for some members of the Bones Brigade skate team.  

From basketball, to skateboarding, to being a Hypebeast, to simply chilling like a villain, the Air Jordan 1 has transcended the stereotypical boundaries and confines of a simple hoop shoe to truly earn the undefeated timeless classic title of our generation.  

Remember, not everyone who wears Nike SB skateboards.

Remember, not everyone who wears Nike Js plays basketball.

AJ 1 X SB- Straight to feet, but not before a shoelace swap.

In regards to fit, the AJ1 X SB collaboration fits true to size and has a few ownership perks; such as an SB Zoom based heel unit, wear away paint, four pairs of coloured lace choices, and durable thick leather. The toe box appears to be crafted from a non-leather synthetic material, but still looks and feels good to the touch.

The predominately leather upper starts a bit stiff and breaks in nicely. The Zoom heel unit does offer a slightly more comfortable ride. By my scientific calculation, a benefit somewhere in the realm of 18.29% more comfort than a pair of standard 1s.

The wear away paint is pretty caked on there and is going to require a number of wears if worn casually. The wear away paint does however seem to have no issue transferring onto non-black laces.  

Breaking in nicely. The wear away paint is pretty darn durable.

I am looking forward to customizing my pair through natural wear and tear.  I have no interest in taking the short cut approach and using an acetone based liquid to accelerate the aging process.

Shout out to Miles @ The Cornerstore for imparting his sneaker knowledge, as well as the W on this pair of AJ 1 X SB kicks.  

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    troy lee helmet in the office.
    puma racing shoes for taking the bus.
    and 1 jersey for doing homework.
    vr googles for walking on the beach.
    go pro for eating a pb&j.
    jock strap for a grocery run.
    goalie pads for the park.
    and we’re set

    • kev zool kev zool

      And an IG account to document everything or it didn’t happen.

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