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One To Rock, One To Stock

In the golden era of sneakers, we rode on unicorns, saw, touched, and tried on coveted sneakers first hand in sneaker stores. We were fortunate enough to essentially purchase whatever we wanted.

The biggest limiting factor was usually money.  Thankfully, we never had to deal with the likes of greedy resellers, bots, hypebeasts, and the irrational desire to purchase uncreative colourways with even more uncreative stories attached.

The sneakerheads of old existed in a unique sneakertopia.  We had no influence from the Internet.  Our exposure to sneakers came from live broadcast NBA games, television commercials, questionable rap videos, fly older brothers, and of course sneaker shops that carried highly coveted pairs in an array of sizes.

Q) Who remembers when a sneaker shop would happily call other franchised locations and transfer over a pair of kicks for you if they didn’t have your size?

A) I do.

Q) Who remembers when you could try on a pair of freshly released Js, think about it for two weeks, then return back to the same store to purchase said kicks?

A) I do. 

With the thrill of chasing down a pair of coveted sneakers removed from the purchasing equation, older sneakerheads never had to worry about something as Instagram frivolous as Rocking One And Stocking One.  

One To Rock, One To Stock.

Q) So why is my little Munchkin Zool pictured above rocking one and stocking one?

A) The simple answer is sneaker economics.  As a sneakerhead from the golden era, the recognition of a great price on a great pair of kicks has been ingrained into my sneaker psyche.

As the modern sneaker youth might say, “No need to take an L bro; at that price, it’s an automatic cop.”

The two pairs of mini Shadow 1s that Munchkin Zool is rocking and stocking until her feet inevitably grow bigger, average out to a price of $35 CAD a pair.  That’s right on par with the likes of a pair of Sketchers. Which pair would you rather rock?

Casting Shadows on the two wheeler.

So while One To Rock, And One To Stock might tickle the fancy of today’s social media based sneakerheads, this particular golden era sneakerhead is focused on Rocking One, And Stocking One in order to save pockets AND provide hot kicks for his family.  

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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