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Solefullylaced Posts

Round 5- Battle of the Soles: shanghaisole (Winner) Vs. joe_got_sole

Hello and welcome to Round 5- The Battle of Soles: featuring convincing Round 1 winner shanghaisole @shanghaisole and challenger joe_got_sole @joe_got_sole Be prepared to rewind the tape a few times on this showdown because the sneaker heat is hotter than Miami (with Lebron…

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Round 4- Sneakerphiles Podcast: Eugene Vs. Pierre (Winner)

Hello and welcome to Round 4 featuring Sneakerphiles Podcast founder Eugene aka @sneakerphiles_podcast and Sneakerphiles Podcast crew member Pierre aka @pieinthesky28 The neat thing about this particular sneaker battle is that Pierre doubles as a Sears catalogue model. Just KidnPlaying.  Don’t…

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Round 3 – Solefullylaced: Kev Zool (Winner) Vs. Principal Graham Singer

Hello and welcome to Round 3 featuring Solefullylaced founder Kev Zool aka @solefullylaced versus former co-founder, and still great amigo, Principal Graham Singer aka @brwnmamba The interesting thing about this particular sneaker battle round is that both Kev Zool and Principal…


Round 2 – Hypesolecartel: Zack (Winner) Vs. Dennis

Hello and welcome to Round 2 featuring Hypesolecartel founders Zack aka @youngmasterzack versus Dennis aka @d33lim.   At the END of this showdown, an IG link to Hypesolecartel will be posted ready for your vote.  Cast your vote by tagging either @youngmasterzack for Zack…

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