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Past Tense- AJ 11 Win Like 82

1996 was a good sneaker year. Brother Ralph was feeling generous and I was the beneficiary of two purrs of sneaks; white Air Max 95s and white Columbia 11s. Ralphie Zool’s generousity made it snow more than Mr. Informer himself.

Like a proud sneaker peacock, I strutted in my Columbia 11s and basked in my white patent leather plumage. I was sneaker stunting like a Hugo boss, but alas, this would be my last non-retro pair of Js until the Air Jordan 31 released.

Wait a tick tock you don’t stop stop. That was a 20 year hiatus from newer model Jordans. The 20 year hiatus was largely due to more important commitments, priorities, and life goals. But the reality was, Jordan silhouettes from 12-30 simply stopped appealing to me.

So with a recent general-release opportunity to relive the high top glory days of the 11s, I was Curiously intrigued like George. Unfortunately, I decided to pass like NBA league leading assist leader James Harden for the following reasons.

Check out my one-handed bullet pass.

Anyways, back to the sneaker lecture at hand. Here are three reasons for passing on the Win Like 1982 11s.

  1. They are not cheap.  Three bills for sneaks you don’t Kevin Love is a tough sell.

  2. These 11s are not an OG colourway. And for that kind of coin, I want something that invokes OG memories or excites sneaker feels.

  3. These 11s are a General-Release. Whatcha talking about Willis? GRs are grrrrrrreat!  Check out my thoughts on the Alternate Motorsport 4s here. Nothing wrong with GRs, as long as the price reflects it.

The AJ 11 was an amazing sneaker. It successfully blended tuxedo style class with basketball acumen. However, the high price of admission, combined with a non-OG colourway, has made this Win Like 82 sneaker past tense in my sneaker rotation.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    finally an article about the grails. one of the most iconic and game changing sneakers the industry has ever seen. for that reason alone, if you’ve never owned a pair, it’s an auto cop, if it doesn’t crunch your corner toe.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Definitely a game changer. The only problem with Js is that there are so many game changers. 1s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, and 11s are all game changers to me.

  2. ralph zool ralph zool

    the 1s have to be in the top 2. the original phil knight waffle shoe probably has to be #1

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