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Pew Pew Pew- Intimate Sneaker Observations

Pew Pew Pew represents a precise, yet almost comical laser sound that intermittently and intentionally draws your attention.

In this day and age of me-first unboxing videos, what draws and sustains my attention is the type of sneaker knowledge one can only obtain from actually experiencing a pair of kicks.

This goes far beyond the initial glamour photos that keep sneaks in near dead stock condition.  Sometimes this is an almost necessary evil for sneakerheads, who are forced to later resell in order to recoup their hard earned dollars.  Pew Pew Pew knowledge comes from wearing, tinkering, and experimenting with kicks.

Pew Pew Pew- Intimate Sneaker Observations will now be a regular sub feature embedded within articles that feature my personal kicks. 

Here are some Pew Pew Pew observations to wet your appetite.  

Nike Foamposite One- Insole Removal

The Nike Foamposite One fits true to size in terms of length and width.  HOWEVER, it’s rigid toe box can be restrictive and make all day usage uncomfortable.  While sizing up half a size is more of an immediate remedy, the removal of the insole serves to accomplish two things.

  1.  It lowers the center of gravity of the shoe so the big toe is no longer as close to the confines of the toe box.  In addition to freeing up toe box space, the removal of the Foamposite One’s insole creates a lower more stable ride.
  2.  It also allows your feet to actually engage and feel the full length Zoom Air unit in an active and direct way.  The shoe’s bounce, or energy return, feels heightened.

As the Foamposite One is constructed through a molded process, there are no exposed insole seams to feel on your feet like a traditional sneaker when the insole is removed.  The result is a smooth, seamless, and factory like fit, despite the removal of the insole.

Pew Pew Pew!

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    excellent pro tip
    gotta let the digits get their circulation
    no one wants corn chips

    • kev zool kev zool

      Hmmm, corn chips.

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