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Pick Me, Pick Me – Air Jordan 1 Hyper Royal

Period 5, 1:20 PM.  It is officially the best part of the day; Physical Education time.  

Led by your kind hearted, yet unathletic teacher, you mosey on down to the gym in a single file procession winding through the familiar hallways of your elementary school.  

With coffee stained mug in hand, your teacher exclaims that today’s Phys Ed class is floor hockey and that teams will be selected via two captains.  Bravado induced cheers erupt from super jocks Richard and Terrence, the two rep level super jocks chosen to be captains.  

One by one, like Shattered Backboard, Bred, and Royal colourways, the top prospects are immediately Liam Neeson taken, leaving behind the unwanted colourways like the Hyper Royal to sit on shelves the gym floor.

The floor hockey drafting process is similar to the current state of the Air Jordan 1 market.  Richard and Terrence- esque hyped colourways dominate social media and the resale market.  Meanwhile, colourways like the Hyper Royal 1 go unnoticed.

Pick Me, Pick Me.

The end result is pretty awesome for sneakerheads who value quality over hype.  Take for example my latest discounted pick up, the Hyper Royal 1.

White laces > Blue laces

Simple, clean, and good quality, the Hyper Royal 1 is solid.  It does not require the Jesus Shuttleworth inspired colourway story line, nor a rapper collaboration, just an appreciation that a late round draft pick can still shine on its own merit.  

Here is a salute to all the late round draft picks in the sneakerworld. 

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    it sucks being the last guy picked, but that guy will also be the next bill gates because he’s focusing on the big picture.
    in summary, hyper royal is a late rounder now but will one day be richard and terrence

    • kev zool kev zool

      Being picked last in the sneaker game usually means heading to the sale rack.

      Fine by me. Nothing like finding the next Hyper Royal for a steal.

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