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Poser- Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Many moons ago, before the birth of Munchkin Zool, I was an avid mountain biker.  


While far from pro status, I could hold my own on the local North Shore trails and at Whistler Bike Park.  


One of the joys of riding regularly at Whistler Bike Park was having the opportunity to utilize the latest and greatest gear on the world’s best terrain.


This is a snap of my bicycle. 


Riding at Whistler Bike Park was the equivalent of attending a major sneaker show; every moment from slaying on the trails to waiting for the chairlift was spent fronting and maxing. 


Some members of my riding crew took exception to other riders with fancy mountain bikes accompanied by a less than fancy skill set.  These said riders were identified as posers.  


The poser parallelism to the sneaker world got my hamster wheel turning.  


Question: Do hardcore runners frown upon sneakerheads who casually wear teched-out runners?


Answer: While you mull over the answer, I have already decided to lace up and casually rock my certified Mcfly runners to work.  


Here is my Pew Pew Pew break down of the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo.  



This is the best, most comfortable cushioning set up I have ever had the privilege of lacing up.  Yep, even more comfortable than Boost.

Isn’t comfort the most important factor when purchasing a sneaker?

-The rear heel portion of the midsole looks like an elf’s ear.

If you are used to wearing Js, the Pegasus Turbo are light AF (as a feather).

-The Pegasus Turbo look surprisingly decent with a pair of khakis.

Peggy Turbo needs an Undercover or Off-White collab because this pair of sneaks is all business in its current form. Very utilitarian.  Utilitarian is good for laying low.

-Zoom zoom zoom low key flex.  The Pegasus Turbo feels like a race car on your feet, while the styling is more inline with the Mazda 3. 




-Materials do not look premium, despite feeling premium on foot. 


-The rear heel portion of the midsole looks like an elf’s ear. 


-Jessie J. like Price Tag.  


-The toe box is intimate with your toes.  Snuggle time with your toes, but not too restrictive to be a deal breaker unless you have six toes or super wide feet. 


-To the untrained sneaker eye, this looks like a generic Nike FreeRun that many Nike employees wear like a standard uniform.

-Don’t breathe too hard, or the midsole will crease. 

So, what is the final verdict? Does wearing a teched-out running shoe casually automatically make you a poser?

Life is too short to worry about what other sneakerheads think.  Don’t be afraid to be a sneaker poser.  Your feet will thank you.


Stay Solefullylaced,


Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    ready in case a marathon breaks out.
    sock game is on point.
    mine are junk.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Fast kicks to run away from the hypebeasts.

      Sock game on lock with the Stance foot covers, but only when Bob Barker says the price is right.

      Beat socks will be the next hypebeast trend. You are already ahead of the game.

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