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Ridiculous, Or Ridiculously Awesome? Nike Air Monarch IV-Weekend Campout

In 2013, sneaker OG Russ Bengston wrote an article for Complex detailing the merits of ownership for the Nike Air Monarch IV.  In this particular article, Russ Bengston states that the Air Monarch IV was the number one selling Nike shoe in terms of total units sold in 2013.

There is plenty of visible data to support the Monarch leading sales claim.  For example, most big box stores, department stores, and even outlets, stock full size runs of the Air Monarch.

Check out my Air Monarch find at the outlet.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Air Monarch, but never purchased a pair mainly because of the stiff plastic-y leather material found on the uppers.

Enter the Weekend Campout edition of the Air Monarch IV.  Draped in a softer army green leather colourway with stylistic hits of chenille on the swoosh and tongue, this version of the Monarch elevates and green mushroom one-ups the appearance department.

On a whim, I purchased the Weekend Campout Edition Nike Air Monarch IV.

The Monarch IV seemingly and casually ticked all of my sneaker copping criteria points…or did it?

1). The Monarch is perhaps the quintessential OG Dad shoe.  Check.

2). This particular version has much better materials and colourway execution compared to the OG.  Cool Dad theme aside, this is a good looking pair of kicks.  Check.

3). The Weekend Campout colourway is a subtle flex.  Enough to lay low in a new work environment, while at the same time appease the inner sneakerhead within.  Check.

4). It is extremely comfortable for most people.  However, my right big toe felt slightly cramped in the toe box, which is odd given it’s wide stance and true to size fit.  No check for you!

So what’s the final verdict Judge Judy? 

In short, what was supposed to be a ridiculously awesome pick up became a ridiculously neutral catch and release.

The combination of subtly strange toe box feel on my right toe, and bulky Dad aesthetic just didn’t wow me like I thought it would.  It’s kind of like partaking in a McDonald’s combo meal.  Initially delicious for the first few bites, then slightly regrettable, with lackluster feelings of satiety after consuming it.

And in today’s thriving sneaker market full of must have purchases, this pair of Air Monarchs got returned.

Do you find the Nike Air Monarch a ridiculous sneaker, or a ridiculously awesome sneaker?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool


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  1. ralph ralph

    it hits the right price point. the white ones probably sell the best.
    gonna compare this to a stock base civic.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Good analogy.

      The base model Civic is for the masses. Good quality, reasonably priced, and dependable.

      The base Air Monarch is the Civic of sneakers. Particularly so with the Dad population.

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