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Salted Caramel- Nike Vapormax 95

At work, while gathered at a worn circular wooden table, a freshly opened Christmas present in the form of high end salted caramel was unveiled.  I remember the first time a co-worker offered me a tender morceau of salted caramel.

I politely refused.

Why would anyone mess with something as delectably sacred as caramel?  Caramel is perfect just the way it is.  There is no need for oversized salt crystals to grace the presence of a caramel square.

After some gentle encouragement, I succumbed to the social nudging of my co-workers and to my surprise, the consumption of salted caramel was a Russell Peters mind and taste bud blaaaasting experience.

Six months ago when images of the Nike Vapormax 95 released, I immediately thought to myself, this pair of kicks is the salted caramel of the sneakerworld.  The combination of an OG Air Max 95 upper fused seamlessly with a modern Vapormax air unit should be a salted caramel recipe for a foot blaaaasting experience.

I was wrong.

Sadly, the Nike Vapormax 95 was not a salted caramel foot experience for me.  Here’s why.

1) Unlike the OG Airmax 95, the upper of the Vapormax 95 fits true to size.  True to size is generally a good thing.  Unfortunately, the upper does not flex naturally like its OG counterpart when combined with the Vapormax air pods.  The result is the upper feels more restrictive than it should.

2) The Vapormax sole apparently takes time to break in fully.  Unfortunately, the combined upper and lower components of the shoe don’t make good dance partners.  They feel slightly disjointed like they are operating out of sync.

3) Lastly, the cost of entry is high for the Vapormax 95.  And while there is a cost to play in the sneaker game, there are more comfortable yet equally stylish kicks on the market.

I wanted the Vapormax 95 to be a salted caramel sneaker experience.  Alas, it was not. 

Hopefully the new owner of my Vapormax 95 has a better salted caramel foot experience than me.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph ralph

    not a huge fan of vmax
    the og 95 def look better imo
    analogy of dance partners is correct

    • kev zool kev zool

      I actually like the look of the Vapormax 95.

      It just wasn’t a good dance partner for my feet.

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