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Scheming Stereotypes- New Balance 999 USA

Scenario 1:

You are on your annual pilgrimage to Portland Oregon, arguably the sneaker capital of the world.  With nature calling, you begrudgingly respond and pit in for a bathroom break at some fast food joint in a sleepy American mall.  Call it American Mall of America, or something patriotic like that.  

The heavy set gentleman in front of you is wearing oversized light wash denim, a fleece lined trucker jacket, and is sporting footwear that looks like…..

Image from New Balance

If you pictured something like the New Balance 608 V5 model above, you wouldn’t be alone with your sneaker assumptions.  

In cognitive psychology, the term schema is used to describe the process of how we make sense of the world.  It is the mental linking of different concepts and situations.

Essentially, a schema is like a mental stereotype that we either update as we learn something new, or leave alone if we feel no change is needed.  

Scenario 2:

You are window shopping in the trendy streets of Shibuya Japan.  Your inner Hypebeast eyes are inundated with the finest of streetwear from WTAPS, which is so seamlessly paired with accessories from Hender Scheme.  

The footwear you see on the young shopper’s feet in front of you looks like….

Image from Haven

If you guessed Tokyo Design Studio X Nanamica R_C1 Eclipse New Balance, then you might be more in line with what collaboration items New Balance is offering in other regions of the world.  

As a North American resident fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel, I feel subtly stylish rocking my New Balance 999 Made In The USA.  The USA made New Balance 999 is a blend of sneaker scenario 1 and 2, effectively merging the concepts of comfort and sleek style all into one sneaker. 

Peep my pair of American made New Balance 999.  Party in the USA. 

So what is your sneaker schema around New Balance?  Are you stuck in the American Mall of America scenario 1 schema, or more of a high fashion Shibuya inspired scenario 2 schema?

Stay open minded my sneaker friends. 

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    when thinking of nb, the normal casual running shoe comes to mind.
    anything can be beast if you rock it with swag, including those 608 v5 that could pass for monarchs

    • kev zool kev zool

      I like how modern fashion schemas are being challenged.

      Chunky Dad shoes are just the tip of the sneaker ice berg.

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