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Shattered Backboard -adidas Stan Smith

This one time at band camp.

I mean, this one time, at a local sneaker consignment shop, I had the opportunity to hold/caress a pair of Shattered Backboard Jordan 1s.

Angels did not sing in unison, nor did an aura of light emit from my hands. 

But, compared to most Jordan 1 sneakers I’ve owned, the Shattered Backboard colourway was significantly better. It was more plush to the touch and made from a thicker cut of leather.

For those who are actually concerned about sneaker quality, the golden standard is not typically associated with the Air Jordan 1.  That is why the Interweb shuts down from hype infused E-traffic every time a limited and perceived good quality release drops. 

So if the Jordan 1 is not the golden standard, then what is? 

Where should we be looking for good quality sneakers?

Should we be flocking to custom shoemakers who craft footwear using Horween leather?

Should we be having a gander at Italian made Saint Laurent SL 10/H sneakers crafted from calf skin?

Yes and No.

The custom shoemaker and Saint Laurent options above are amazing, but cost prohibitive; unless you regularly carry rubber band stacks in your pockets.

But don’t fret little Anette.  There are solid options for the average sneakerhead. 

Take for example, this pair of adidas Stan Smith, that retail for only $20 more than the standard general release Stan Smith found in malls across the globe. 

Like most, and from a distance, even Bette Midler couldn’t tell the difference between the average mall Stan Smith purchase and this particular pair. 

That is the beauty of this pair of super soft, super plush leather adidas Stan Smith.  It is all in the subtle details.

If you are looking for a pair of super plush leather Stan Smith, look for the product code CQ2871.  It features the colours Cloud White, and Collegiate Green. 

The CQ2871 Stan Smith require zero break in time and conform around your foot like a leather Cinderella slipper.

In terms of sizing, I go a half size down from my regular Nike size. In my opinion, the adidas Stan Smith tends to fit a bit long in comparison to your average Nike sneaker.

Interestingly enough, I have yet to see a pair of CQ2871 Stan Smith in-store; only online.

Da Vinci Code: CQ2871

While sneakerheads are fighting tooth and resale nail to have the plushest Shattered Backboard Jordan 1, you can confidently stride in your top notch adidas Stan Smith that are readily available online, and sometimes even below retail pricing.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    buy shiny backboards to build muscles by buffing out the shine

    • kev zool kev zool

      As long as my wallet doesn’t get shattered, it’s all good.

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