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Shoelaces-Express Yourself

Being a sneakerhead is all about self-expression. 

Some pair their kicks with the freshest (out)fits.

Some intentionally lace their kicks loosely for a nonchalant appearance. 

Some meticulously lace their kicks so each shoe lace lies precisely flat. 

Some sneakerheads take their sneaker expression to the next level; intentionally pairing non-standard colourway laces to fully accentuate their kicks.  

Swapping non-standard colourway laces is like applying lipstick.  Sometimes it can enhance one’s sneaker game. Other times, the wrong colour lace swap can ruin the prettiest of silhouettes.  

The following snaps are of my latest non-standard colourway lace pairings. 

Shout out to Ward for the two sets of AJ Union 1 laces.  

Jordan 1 Shadow + AJ Union 1 two tone laces

Shadowunion 1

Riccardo Tisci Nike Dunk Lux Chukka (Givenchy anyone?)+ AJ 1 Shadow laces

RT Givenchyows Dunk Lux Chukka

Jordan 1 ROTY + AJ 1 Sail laces

ROTYail 1s
AKA Old Man Chicagos

Jordan 1 SB Light Bone + AJ 1 Royal laces

Light Bonyal 1s

Jordan 1 Gym Red + Alternate AJ Union 1 two tone laces 

Gym Redunion1s
In que to be UNDS’d

Shoelace expression FTW.  

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    2 colors. totally never thought of that.

    next up 1 of 1 tie dye.

    • kev zool kev zool

      The first time I saw the two tone shoelace was on a pair of Union 1 Air Jordans.

      My buddy Ward gave me two pairs of his Union 1 laces that he wasn’t using. Generous guy.

      Maybe some future tie dye action is in order.

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