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Sneaker Con Vancouver – Multiple Choice Edition

Before you step inside the time machine, please wipe your fresh kicks on the mat outside.  For this week, we are taking it back to the old school.  A throwback Saturday if you will, to the simplicity of the Scantron test.  

So sharpen your HB pencil, steal a glance at your friend’s test, and dust off your wedge shaped Pink Pearl eraser, because this is a Sneaker Con test you don’t even need to study for.  

This Sneaker Con Vancouver test consists of 4 questions.  All you have to do is answer the question after you have viewed the corresponding sneaker images taken at Sneaker Con Vancouver.  

All answers are expressed using modern day sneaker vernacular.  

Possible Answers

A.  Absolute flames.

B.  Lit.

C.  It was aight.

D.  Not worth the price of admission.  

Question 1- The sneakers at Sneaker Con Vancouver were….

My R.T. X Nike Dunk Lux Chukkas That I Wore To The Sneakerball
Peep These Custom Travis Scott Inspired AJ 3s From Jack The Ripper
Couldn’t Miss All Of The 1s Today. Some Came From Vancouver Sneaker & Streetwear Marketplace
Check Out These Neat Velcro Swoosh Upgrades From Kicksolio
My Buddy Ward Breaking Out His Lebron 8s- South Beach Style

Question 2-  Seeing important people from Vancouver’s sneaker community was….

Staying Fresh With Eugene And Gordon
Twojskicks In The House And Chatting With His Fans.  Yeezy Busta In The Background Doing Likewise.
Hypesolecartel In The House.

Question 3- Seeing the trading pit in action was….

Super Busy Busy Busy- This Is The Only Pic I Got Without A Swarm Of Youngsters In The Shot

Question 4- Witnessing Vancouver’s sneaker culture unfold before me was….

Interesting Melting Pot- Sneaker OGs, Hypebeasts, Families, And A Youth Movement
That’s a Sneaker Con Vancouver Wrap- Peep The Answer Key Below

The Official Kev Zool Answer Key

Question 1-The sneakers at Sneaker Con Vancouver were….
B. Lit.

Being over exposed to so many kicks on the regular has made me a little desensitized. Lots of fancy sneakers (Union LA 1s, Air Mags, Vintage 1s, Travis Scott 4s) were not photographed because I didn’t want to be a weirdo snapping candid shots. Rest assured, everybody was eyeing each other’s kicks in the long line up(s) to enter.

Question 2Seeing important people from Vancouver’s sneaker community was….
B. Lit.
I would have preferred ‘Absolute Flames’, but it was too busy and not a conducive environment for delving into the layered facets of sneaker existentialism.

Question 3- Seeing the trading pit in action was….
D. Not worth the price of admission.
It was humourous seeing so many youngsters emulating the cool resale persona. Slap on a cross body Supreme bag over a box logo sweatshirt and you are half way to being a reseller. I guess it is better that kids are dealing kicks instead of drugs.

While everyone has to eat, we are creating an over inflated sneaker economy by reselling exactly the same stuff. Supreme and Air Jordan 1s were the flavour of the day at Sneaker Con Vancouver.

Question 4- Witnessing Vancouver’s sneaker culture unfold before me was….
C. It was aight.
Sneaker culture is changing and evolving in front of our computer screens eyes. While I appreciated the opportunity to gather and share my passion for kicks with others, sneaker vulturism is something I am just not a huge fan of.

Perhaps with each paid entrance, an automatic entry for a pair of limited kicks (Union LA 1s wink wink) would have helped the outside perception of sneaker culture unfold a little differently?

So overall, a decent time was had at Sneaker Con Vancouver. With a few tweaks here and there, and perhaps more of a recognition to the paying sneakerhead participants, an ‘Absolute Flames’ time could be had at a future Sneaker Con Vancouver event.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    i remember watching a vid a while back when some kids were at some con and took a break for lunch.

    when they came back, their stash was gone.

    those south beach looking particularly fresh despite the years.

    • kev zool kev zool

      The trading pit at Sneaker Con was crazy busy.

      A lot of youngsters trying to flip sneakers.

      Got to respect the hustle, but it artificially inflates the market.

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