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Sneaks On My Feet 25

Sneaker Review Criteria

With the power of the Internet, sneaker reviews are simply a Google search away. My personal favourite reviewer is Foamer Simpson. He has the right balance of tech knowledge, on court assessment, and a je ne sais quoi sneaker charisma.

Unfortunately, I do not have a Youtube channel, nor do I desire to start one. I cannot hoop as well as he can and his beard game is a lot better that my non-existent attempt. So rather than compare or emulate, I will take heed Frank Sinatra’s advice and do it My Way.

Let’s be honest, all sneaker reviews are subjective. One man’s/woman’s treasure is another man’s/woman’s trash. You’ll never know exactly how a pair of sneaks feel until you have tried them on for yourself.  That being said, Sneaks On My Feet 25 is an intimate on foot sneaker diary which attempts to quantify the on foot experience of said sneakers.

Here in the Sneaks On My Feet 25 section, you’ll get the straight goods. No unboxing reviews, or initial impressions; just an on foot evaluation with a score out of 25. Below, you’ll see the grading scale used for Sneaks On My Feet 25. Then like Hamlet you can contemplate to buy or not to buy because maybe that might be your question.

The Grading scale is based on five key characteristics.

  • Appearance
  • Fit
  • Wow Factor- Makes you want to leave the sneaks you’re with and start a new relationship
  • Function (given intended use)
  • Value at Retail

Each characteristic is evaluated on a five point scale.

  1. Not good enough to touch with an eleven foot pole.
  2. Not great. Would wear to wash the car or mow the lawn.
  3. Not bad. Has my interest. Would probably purchase on sale.
  4. Really solid. Would recommend to a sneaker enthusiast friend.
  5. Yes. Take my money even at full retail. Absolutely mind blaaasting.

A perfect score of 5 in each of the five characteristics (appearance, fit, wow factor, function, value at retail) would result in a perfect score of 25 hence the title Sneaks On My Feet 25.  

First up for review is the

  1. Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Review.
  2. Laced Up Laces- Shoelace Review
  3. Shoe Dog- Book Review
  4. Kobe 11 Flynkit Review

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool