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Sneakers Are Like Coffee

Sneakers and coffee are more alike than you might think.  

On a rudimentary level, both sneakers and coffee help the consumer have their basic needs met.  Sneakers offer comfort for the feet and coffee offers comfort for the taste buds and brain.   

But like sneakers and coffee, there are levels to this ish.    

Any pair of Sketchers = Staff room coffee

Sketchers = Staff room coffee

If you need a pair of inexpensive shoes that just get the job done, you might be in the market for a pair of Sketchers. 

Similarly in a pinch, coffee from the staff room will suffice. While maybe not the most appealing, staff room brewed coffee can get the job done when your brain needs a caffeinated boost. 

Nike Air Monarch IV = McDonald’s 

Nike Air Monarch IV = McDonald’s

You know what you want.  You want a pair of wide a*% shoes that are comfortable and value minded.  You know because you have purchased the same pair in white multiple times.  Enter the Air Monarch IV.

Like your kicks, you want dependability in taste and budget.  None of this 21 adjective descriptive lingo required to order your coffee.  McDonald’s coffee will do.  

OG Air Jordan 1 = Starbucks

OG Air Jordan 1s = Starbucks

You are a bit of a sneaker princess.  General release Jordans are not to your liking.  In fact, GR’s are more for commoners with basic taste.  Instinctively, you know that OG Jordan 1s are pretty much the same quality as non-OG Jordan 1s, yet your collection reflects otherwise. 

You are a bit of a coffee princess and your Starbucks 21 adjective tall, extra hot, soy, two and a half pump pumpkin spice, half whip, no sprinkle latte is $5.50.  Sadly, it is marginally better than McDonald’s coffee relying heavily on a bunch of overpriced modifiers to enhance basic and overpriced coffee. 

Karhu Aria = Vietnamese coffee from a hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant.  

Karhu Aria = Vietnamese coffee from a hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant

Karhu, sure you have heard of it.  You might even know that Kanye has rocked Karhu.  It is probably not on your sneaker radar or even available at any of the sneaker shops you frequent. 

Quality, stylish, and comfortable are all words my feet would say if they could talk about the Karhu Aria.  That’s okay; just keep it a not-so-secret secret. 

Just like your unheard pair of Karhu kicks, you are probably okay trying lesser known places to eat, including marginally sanitary Vietnamese restaurants.   A restaurant name to the tune of Pho Viet Tai Lan is where you might discover the best tasting Vietnamese drip coffee ever made.  But you won’t know, unless you try something new. 

What kind of sneakers and coffee do you like?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    720 + aj 5 netting = pumpkin spice latte. never tried either.

    • kev zool kev zool

      That combo sounds like a pumpkin spice stomachache.

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