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Sneakertopia: Ooh Portland Is A Place On Earth

When you think about Portland, what comes to mind?

  • A) Food carts
  • B) Specialty coffee
  • C) Craft beverages
  • D) A burgeoning street culture
  • E) All of the above

It’s hard to dispute that choices A to D represent Portland to some extent. Personally, I choose E.

But what about sneakers?

Follow me on my sneaker-based journey to find good quality footwear at good quality prices. The journey begins from Vancouver Canada and culminates in Portland Oregon. Think of this journey like the computer game Oregon Trail, but more efficient because of the use of my hybrid vehicle.

Stop 1: Stance Socks Seattle Premium Outlet

Arguably the unofficial official sock of all sneakerheads. At retail price, it’s a pretty penny to pay. But at just over $3.00 a pair, it was time to restock.

Stop 2: House of Hoops Bellevue Washington

Having House of Hoops and other excellent tier 1 and tier 0 sneaker shops in Vancouver Canada is pretty amazing. We are fortunate to have such a plentiful selection of some of the latest releases.

However, one significant difference is the sale pricing in Bellevue Washington is much better than in Vancouver Canada, even after factoring in the dollar conversion.

Stop 3: Finish Line Bellevue Washington

OG True Blue Air Jordan 3s reduced to $149 and still sitting. I did not give this pair my heart. I got my pair (on sale) Last Christmas like George Michael.

Stop 4: Nike Centralia Washington

Honestly, Nike Centralia is a sneaker OG’s/Forrest Gump’s goldmine. You never know what you’re going to get.

Kobe X Elite SE @ $199 with a further 20% reduction. Good, but still too pricey for me.

Nike Air Pressure @ $149 with a further 20% reduction. Super awesome, but my acting/modeling agent doesn’t have me starring in any sci-fi films anytime soon.

Nike Air Trainer 1- Fragment @ $59 with a further 20% reduction. Instant purchase. Great quality leather at an even better price. Stay away from my Fragment Air Trainer 1s you hypebeasts.

Stop 5: Nike Portland on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

OG Air Jordan 1 high in white and black @ $64. Good deal, but my stock of Jordan 1s is pretty solid right now.

 Air Max Uptempo 97.

Great shoe and a good deal too @ $74. Matched my outfits better back in 97 though.

Stop 6: Bait Portland

Lots of eye candy street wear and trendy toys. Decent selection of VaporMax and Adidas Boost. A bit too spendy for me.

Stop 7: Nike Flagship Downtown Portland

Milk dud city. General release city, with nothing fancy Nancy in sight. Great knowledgeable staff, but sadly, not much to see here.


Stop 8: Adidas Portland Woodburn Outlet

Decent deal on Harden V1s @ $109 with the second pair half price. Did not purchase, but would be a good deal for a friendsy or matchy matchy purchase.

Stop 9: Nike Portland Woodburn Outlet

Motorsport 4s @ $149. With leather as stiff as cardboard, you’ll have to take away the first digit to make these a purchase.

Stop 10: Nike Employee Store

Just playing. I wish more than Skee-Lo and Aladdin combined. One day I’ll obtain a golden ticket to enter.

Final sneaker thoughts

As a general observation, I noticed a lot of significantly discounted Js on the shelf. What used to be an instant sell out for the Jordan brand, doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. This is good news for OG Jordan fans who reminisce about the glory days of finding Js on sale.

Also, compared to Vancouver Canada, Adidas Ultra Boost are readily available in most sizes in the USA. However, at the Adidas shops I visited, there was limited to no-stock of the Adidas sneaks I wanted, specifically the Andrew Wiggins Primeknit crazy explosive low.

Final thoughts

They say in Portland sneakers come first, ooh Portland is a place on Earth.

Visiting Portland is more than just shopping for sneakers. Actually, enjoying life is much more than shopping for sneakers. Get out there and spend time with your family and friends. Travel the world on whatever means your budget allows. Live your life and wear whatever sneaks you like, at the price you want to pay.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    motorsport 4 for me is an automatic cop.
    the pressures are hilarious, d rose could use these.

    option F: $20-30 bbq. nom nom

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