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Sneaks On My Feet 25- Laced Up Laces Review

Here at Solefullylaced, a sneaker review typically falls under the category of Sneaks on My Feet 25, featuring a shoe specific evaluation culminating in a score of up to 25 points. Click here to see the Sneaks On My Feet 25 Criteria.

However, given the nature of shoelaces and their non-shoe like qualities, this review is conducted in a different format. It uses only the most scientifically advanced method of data collection possible…a T-Chart.

Partner A: Honey, where are you?

Partner B: Just downstairs, I’ll be up in a minute.

Partner A: (Half an hour later) Are you still downstairs?

Partner B: Coming right up, just lacing my shoes.

If you’ve spent more time than you care to admit swapping laces, then this review is for you!

Featured in the picture below is a box of my shoelaces. Yes, a box of shoelaces. (Note: After writing this article, I re-arranged all of my laces by length, material, and texture in zip lock bags).

I’ve been purchasing from Laced Up Laces for a few years now and have watched their packaging evolve into the sleek package you see below. Peep that evolutionary process.

So without further ado, let’s get this Laced Up Laces review crack-a-lacking.

This review features three of the most commonly used Laced Up Laces that I regularly rock: the rope lace, flat lace, and leather lace. Take heed like Vanilla Ice the technologically advanced t-charts below.

  1. Rope lace
  2. Flat lace
  3. Leather lace

Exhibit 1: The rope lace

Pros Cons
Looks amazing on old school sneaker silhouettes. Usually requires a double knot to stay snug.
Adds a dimension of depth compared to a traditional flat lace. Not super fun lacing through the bottom eyelets of the Air Jordan 3. Clearance is tight.
Excellent selection of colour rope laces. Note the perfect royal blue colour match with the Air Jordan 3.  
Still maintains a classic appearance, while putting a personal spin on runners/”trainers” like the Asics Gel-Lyte 3 and Air Max 1.  
Always catches people’s attention. Basically the “What are thoooose?” of the shoelace game.  
Rope laces never get twisted, regardless of how quickly you tie your laces.  

 Exhibit 2: The flat lace

Pros Cons
A great upgrade for generic stock laces without over whelming the original aesthetic of the shoe. Not currently available in 63”
The flat black lace works well for sports. More colour selection please. Olive, grey, and royal blue?
A simple, clean, and stealth way of upgrading plain low quality retro-laces.  
Subtle and good quality lace to begin your first lace swap with.  

Exhibit 3: The leather lace

Pros Cons
Always remains perfectly flat. Picture perfect every time. Not the easiest to tie. Most likely requires a double knot.
By far the best-looking lace for the Air Jordan 1 High or Dunk High. Requires more time for a precision lace up due to the more inherent rigid qualities of leather.
Gives a classy and luxurious look to classic silhouettes.  
Premium upgrade that re-classifies your generic sneaker into something Iggy-fancy.  

Final Thoughts- Laced Up Laces.

A shoelace upgrade is a great way to inexpensively customize your footwear. Laced Up Laces features a plethora of laces in different colours, textures, materials, and sizes allowing you the ability to truly add a personalized touch to your own sneakers.

Shopping on the website is quick and easy. The user interface is simple to navigate and maneuver. Customer service is excellent too. A pair of my laces was unfortunately lost in transit, but after an email was sent to the Laced Up Laces customer service department to voice my concern, I had another pair sent my way with an additional free pair of laces in recognition of the delay.

Overall, Laced Up Laces provides a great and reasonably priced platform to customize your sneakers. Whether it is a rope lace, flat lace, or leather lace, each style of shoelace comes with a multitude of benefits.

And while there are potential cons to each shoelace application, they can usually be mitigated by selecting the right shoelace to match the overall profile of the shoe.

The only caveat to purchasing your first pair of Laced Up Laces is that you’ll be spending even more time with your sneakers and scheming through your sneaker rotation searching for new Laced Up Laces to replace your boring old stock-laced sneakers.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    Leather laces look awesome.
    Definitely lux and can probably keep using them even after you blow through the shoes.
    That being said I think stock laces are decent quality these days.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Most stock laces are pretty decent quality. It’s just that a lot of the retro Js have pretty boring laces. For me, after market laces are just about adding a personalized touch to my sneaks.

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