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Sole Good

How long have you been rocking Jordan 1s for?

Are you new school, two years or less?

Maybe you’re old school, twenty years or so?

Or perhaps you’re OG, down since 1985?

In regards to Jordan 1s, I fall somewhere in between old school and OG.  Twenty years ago, I was a lot less selective of my footwear choices.  Aspects like leather quality and on foot comfort didn’t really impact my old school purchasing criteria.  

As Mother Nature has run its kind course, my feet have become far more aware of preferred creature comforts.  

Take the AJ1 for example; a seemingly basic sneaker, it is comprised of a premium leather upper, paired with a low profile, yet firm midsole. 

In my yesteryears, the low, but firm midsole would have been more than adequate for daily use.  And thankfully, barring another foot injury, this same low tech midsole is still adequate enough for all day casual use.   

However, aging and becoming wiser in the sneaker game, has led to a little experimentation and tinkering. 

What began as a simple insole adjustment quickly turned into a oh shiitake moment.

Public Service Announcement:  the Crimson and Neutral Grey 1s have an insole that is extremely difficult to remove.  The glue adhesive bond is incredibly strong, like KRAGLE from the Lego Movie.

The Crimson and Neutral Grey insole nearly implodes and crumbles on itself when adjusted or removed.  All other AJ1 insoles I have adjusted or removed have come out nicely without issue. 

The insole that is replacing the former crumbled mess comes from the Nike Air Zoom Talaria. The plush Zoom Talaria insole is a perfect drop-in match, and provides Lunarlon like comfort and even slight arch support for your feet. 

Nike Zoom Talaria Insole Swap- Sole Good.
Pretty inside and out.

The second insole swaperoo is a lot cleaner.  My 2017 Jordan 1 Royals have so much mileage that the insole started wearing out and decomposing in the heel area.  I swapped over a thin, yet supportive insole from my Penny Foamposites.  

Pro Tip- Foamposite sneakers actually feel better without an insole. Foams do not have exposed internal stitching.

The Foamposite insole has a small amount of arch support via an arch tab, while still maintaining that low profile ground feel we have all grown to love. 

Royal Comfort

So there you have it, Jordan 1s can also feel sole good with just a basic insole swap.  

Which then begs the question, when are we going to see a thin Zoom X insole come standard on a pair of 1s?   We are paying enough for our Js already.  Surprise us Jordan Brand with some insole upgrades.  Your old school and OG fans will appreciate it. 

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. wreck it ralph zool wreck it ralph zool

    what a great idea.
    custom jobs are better cuz you can get something you really like.
    like a tailor tailoring pants over the gut or under the gut.
    or worse case scenario, the tailor of joey from friends.

    • kev zool kev zool

      The Kobe Protro line does it the best. The integrity of the shoe is kept intact, but all the tech inside gets a much needed update.

      All Jordan Brand needs to do is take tech from their running line, i.e. Zoom MX, React etc., and replace the standard insole with an updated one.
      They can even up charge their customers another $15 and not lose a single cent.

      • ralph zool ralph zool

        that’s a great idea.
        if they haven’t thought of it yet, i’m sure it’s gonna be soon.
        extra 15 on top of nike id prices.

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