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Solefullylaced X Levi’s X Nike Air Max 90

Earlier this year, Nike announced through its regular social media channels that it was releasing a limited run of custom Levi’s X Air Max 90s, to be created by the consumer via its Nike ID program. 

As the official release date drew nearer, information became increasingly sparse and the general assumption was that this custom release opportunity would be unavailable in North America.  

Until it wasn’t.  

While surfing Nike dot ca, an accidental wave featuring the option to create a Levi’s X Nike Air Max 90 appeared.  Suddenly, the gears for a Solefullylaced X Levi’s X Nike collaboration began to turn.  

Is it truly a collaboration if the companies involved don’t know you exist?

To keep it 9-5 plus 5 pennies, it’s not a collaboration.  

Simply put, it’s a keyboard collaboration. 

However, an opportunity to custom design a pair of OG kicks as revered as the Air Max 90 silhouette, from start to finish using Levi’s denim, is a keyboard collaboration worthy of doing. 

With a time constrained fear of successfully adding to cart, my keyboard collaboration was 15 minutes of the most intense design work imaginable.  

Before I share my official Solefullylaced X Levi’s X Nike keyboard collaboration, I would like to share my design process and criteria. 

  1. Inspiration is from premium Levi’s Made and Crafted denim popularized by high end Japanese street wear.  
  2. Must be a subtle flex.  Let the materials and the layered Air Max 90 silhouette do the flexing.
  3. Must be wearable as a daily sneaker.  Not a “What The Air Max 90”  approach. 
  4. Must look like an actual official collaboration that ages well with wear. 

Have a gander at the final product.  

Inspired by premium Levi’s Made and Crafted denim.
Subtle flex.
Letting the materials do the talking
Erey day erey day,
We don’t really play.

Soon to make the starting 5 rotation.
Putting in those miles.
I would walk 500 miles, just to be the pair that ages well with wear.

Not bad for a keyboard collaboration eh?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. Darth Darth

    Very tasteful and timeless. Keep keeping it real.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Keeping it 9-5 plus 5 pennies.

  2. ralph zool ralph zool

    if you add these to a canadian tuxedo, what would the outfit be called.

    anyways it needs to be done.

    • kev zool kev zool

      I’ve got to dig out my oversized Levi’s trucker jacket and make it happen.

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