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The Hardest Shoes To Tame

Unless you travel by majestic pumpkin and wear exquisitely beautiful glass slippers, you have probably experienced an uncomfortable sneaker break-in experience at some point in your life. 

That’s Facts as sneaker Instagramers often like to digitally reply, signifying that they too are in virtual head nodding agreement with you. 

Like Tootie Ramsey, The Facts Of Life aren’t always the kindest to medium and wide footed bipeds.

The following sneakers in my collection have required an unorthodox break-in process to reach an amicable relationship with my feet; a taming of the sneaker if you will.

Nike Foamposite- Penny

15 wears or 1000 jumping jacks

Your choice of 15 all day wears, or 1000 jumping jacks.  Foams don’t pinch my feet, but they are pretty stiff when fresh out of the box. 

After a thorough break-in process, what is truly amazing about the Foamposite is the full length Zoom in the forefoot and double stacked Zoom in the heel. 

This application of Zoom is perhaps the best vertical cushioning set up of all time.  And that’s Facts

Nike Air Trainer IIIMedicine Ball

10 wears or 667 jumping jacks

Your choice of 10 all day wears, or 667 jumping jacks. The caged forefoot bracing, connected via velcro strap on the Air Trainer III, can do a number on your pinky toes. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to wear these strapped in the forefoot to prevent any unnecessary appointments to see Dr. Scholl’s.  The side of the toe box where your pinky toe resides becomes more welcoming after the 667th jumping jack.

Nike Air Jordan 4What The

5 wears or 333 jumping jacks

Your choice of 5 all day wears, or 333 jumping jacks.

The forefoot eyelet lacing system does not agree well with my non-glass slipper wearing feet.  However, once that 333rd jumping jack is complete, it’s a pretty comfortable sneaker.  Just make sure the forefoot laces aren’t overly snug.

So as I wish upon a sneakerhead star, I wish for a straight out of the box, Cinderella glass slipper fit for all. 

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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