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Top 3 Kicks Of 2019

Some say self-reflection is a healthy process that helps you review the past, acknowledge the present, and prepare for the future. 

If this is true, then mirror, mirror, on the wall, what are Solefullylaced’s top three kicks of them all? 

Let’s have a look at what transpired sneaker-wise in 2019.

What started off as a disciplined approach to purchasing sneakers lasted until about late November, capping off with a wild spree that jammed my already full closet.  The end result created a backlogged queue of unworn DS sneakers. 

Rather than focus on unworn, yet nicely photographed DS kicks, this recap looks at my top worn kicks of 2019. 

Pair Number 1- Jordan 1 High Zip

Everyone is a materials expert post SBB.

Designated as a women’s specific release, this pair of kicks ran all the way up to a men’s size 10.5”

When sneakerheads talk about leather quality, they often refer to the coveted Shattered Backboard colourway as the golden standard. 

The Jordan 1 High Zip in the black colourway is in my opinion, better quality leather than the SBB.  Yes, shots fired. 

On top of that, this pair is currently available on Stock X for $100.  You know that sneaker expression, “Don’t sleep on this pair?” 

It applies here. 

The Jordan 1 High Zip is constructed using luxuriously plush and smooth black leather.  It features a collapsible leather shroud that is secured together using a sturdy golden zipper.  

I wore this pair a lot in 2019 for three reasons:   

  1. Super premium feel and look. 
  2. Ease of use. With a young one around, perfectly lacing a pair of Jays isn’t always in the cards. With a speedy zipper fastener, you are always good to go.
  3. Very unique take on a classic sneaker silhouette. 

Pair Number 2- Jordan 3 Black Cement

AJ 3 Black Cement= My Go To Roadtrip Sneaker

The Jordan 3 in the black cement colourway needs no introduction.  It is perhaps one of the most iconic Jays of all time. 

My pair of black cement 3s was purchased last year, but has become my go to sneaker for road trips in 2019.  

I wore this pair a lot in 2019 for three reasons:

  1. Very comfortable for long walks and road trips when many foot miles are logged. 
  2. Classic no-nonsense styling that matches most of my pedestrian outfits.
  3. The black leather upper resists battle damage well.  You never know what kind of battle damage may ensue when adventure awaits. 

Pair Number 3- Solefullylaced X Nike X Levi’s ID

Solefullylaced X Nike X Levi’s Keyboard Collab.

This nonchalant release almost eluded me, as very little information was available before the Canadian release date. 

The unexpected release caused a whirlwind check out process, guided by a single design ethos; premium inspired Japanese denim.  

The final result turned out wonderfully in my humble opinion.

I sometimes wonder if it was a co-signed and limited Sean Wotherspoon release, if it could fetch 1K on the resale Stock X market.

Straight To Feet Gang.

I wore this pair a lot in 2019 for three reasons:

  1. They look fly.  
  2. They are pretty comfy and match a lot of my attire.  
  3. It is nice to have a one-of-one custom that you are proud of.  

I hope you enjoyed your sneakers in 2019. 

Do you feel the need to reflect back on 2019?

Or is the past a reflection not worth looking at?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    2019 lowlight – outlet that now features 99.5% takedowns and the 0.5% completely combed

    2019 highlight – online clicking and adding to cart

    • kev zool kev zool

      Sadly in 2019, even resellers have found the outlets; the once safe haven of real sneakerheads.

      Time to get creative in 2020. Online clicking and adding to cart only goes so far.

  2. Ladybug Ladybug

    🐞Time to bug out!!🐞

    • kev zool kev zool

      Thanks Ladybug for saving Paris, one pair at a time.

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