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What Is Drip?

Loosely defined, the term drip is the intentional outward expression of style; usually explicitly stylish in nature. 

Permeating hip hop and even mainstream pop culture, the concept of drip has even made its way into sneaker culture.  

But what is sneaker drip?  

Is sneaker drip wearing loosely tied Union or Travis Scott Jordan 1s with an alternate lace swap?

Yes and No. 

While the above said kicks exude aspects of sneaker drip, they are extremely limited, cost prohibitive, and arguably require exclusivity to create an aura of drip. 

Can sneaker drip exist independently from the influence of hype and exclusivity?

Yes. Just check out some of the Swoosh based options below.

If I was an emerging style icon on a budget, here are three pairs of kicks I would buy in order to create drip vibes. 

Drip sneaker number 1: Nike Air Triax 96 SP

  • Sleekly shaped rip stop camo upper.
  • Good update to a late 90’s retro sneaker.
  • Subtle and stylish, especially with the alternate yellow lace set.
Camo drip.
Image from Nike CA

Drip sneaker number 2: Nike Air Ghost Racer Recrafted

  • Like a Remix To Ignition, fresh and hot out of the kitchen. This Recrafted version looks sharper than the original.
  • Dad vibes, yet easily adaptable to any outfit ranging from skip to drip.
  • Premium looking upper.
Sleek tan drip.
Image from Nike CA

Drip sneaker number 3: Nike Air Max Tailwind IV SP

  • Chunk(y) sole to accentuate the trunk. Lots of air to cushion that erray day, erray day pavement grind.
  • Ripstop upper with a blend of natural digitized camo looking for trouble.
  • Subtle yet loud enough to rock with a drip outfit.
Chunky futuristic soldier drip.
Image from Nike CA

Do your sneakers organically emit drip vibes?  Or do they need a co-sign collaboration and exclusivity to make them drip?

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    not bad if you’re hunting.
    someone bring back the nylon track pants with the elastic bottom.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Might as well add a fanny pack to pull off the full fit.

      Time to pop some tags.

  2. Isaac Isaac

    Hey. Just wanted to let ya know that I stumbled upon this blog a few days ago and read all your posts! It’s so refreshing reading a sneaker blog full of real passion and consideration for kicks. Your personality shines through man. Love the inclusion of non-hyped sillhouettes too! You’ve got yourself a new reader.

    • kev zool kev zool

      Thanks for stopping by and for the positive praise. It’s truly and greatly appreciated!

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