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Where Did All The Fly Sneakers Go?

With an estimated population of 2.5 million people, Greater Vancouver is where home is.

With an average detached home selling for 1.8 million dollars, Vancouver represents a highly diverse demographic ranging from the multimillionaires surrounding Kits Beach to the homeless on the Downtown East Side.

In a burgeoning sneaker market, Vancouver seems to have panache for the extravagant.  High-end boutiques from the likes of Off-White, Haven, and Livestock represent top tier sneaker collections that carry the latest and most hype releases.

And within a fifty-kilometer radius, you will also find a Flagship Nike store, a House of Hoops, and countless general release Champs and Footlocker locations.

The opportunity to in theory purchase the best of the best sneakers tantalizes the sneakerfeels.  Tantalizing sneakerfeels is great, if you can get a hold of the sneakers you really want.  Every week, a hyped sneaker release drops, and seconds later, said sneakers sell out.

That’s fine; I can accept the world of back door deals, bots, resale, and secret handshakes.  In my younger years, in a less frenzied and scrutinized sneaker market, I was also the recipient of many a back door deal.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that managers of high-end sneaker boutiques are going to set aside ultra hyped releases for the ‘culture’ and simply sell them to Average Joesph sneakerhead who strolls into the shop three hours after a hot release.

But where are all the fly sneakers?

They definitely are not sitting on shelves in the boutiques and flag ship stores.  Some availability at resale shops, yes. The odd meet up at the mall so kicks can be flipped, yes.

But where are all the fly sneakers on feet?

Aside from boutique shop employees, I have never seen this colourway on foot with my own eyes.

Here is a snap of my cousin Chris’ Nike React Element 87 bucking the trend and lacing these bad boys straight to feet.

Maybe I’m too old and hang out at all the old man places, but back in my day people who purchased fly kicks used to wear their fly kicks.

Maybe it’s just me reminiscing and getting all sneaker nostalgic, but I miss the old days of sneaker enthusiasts actually wearing their kicks.

Sneakers look best on feet.  Well, most do with the exception of silhouettes like the Balenciaga Triple S.  Those can stay nestled in their resale box.

Stay Solefullylaced,

Kev Zool

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  1. ralph zool ralph zool

    triple s #excessive material tax/faceplant/buzzard bait
    chris’ shoes dope a f (pronounced dope a f)

    • kev zool kev zool

      Can’t beat Chris’ collection of kicks, just like your fadeaway.

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